How to join the waitlist for these clinicians

The best way to join the waitlist for one of these clinicians is to call (612)223-8898 and schedule a Diagnostic Assessment with another clinician on staff. The administrative team will help you find someone that aligns with what you’re experiencing to start on the journey.

Avery Hansen

Avery Hansen, MSW, LGSW

There are many times in life when leaning on others or reaching out for support can make the biggest difference. Human relationships are so important for our day to day wellbeing… READ MORE

Lizzy Kroll

Lizzy Kroll

I am passionate about helping people remodel their lives. I support people through the process of improving their mental health… READ MORE

Traci Emmick

Traci Emmick, MA, LMFT

Creating a safe space to fully be heard and understood is the foundation of a strong therapeutic relationship. It is my hope that you get to share your true self in our sessions… READ MORE

Aida Shahghasemi, MA

A sense of “normalcy” can bring comfort to us during childhood, challenge us in adolescence, and deter us in adulthood… READ MORE

Hannah Kuhne

Hannah Kuhne, MSW, LICSW

If you are considering seeing a therapist improve your mental health, I am already so proud of you… READ MORE

Austin Muchow, MA, LMFT

Life can be beautiful, but also incredibly hard. At times, it may be too hard to carry everything on our own… READ MORE

Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson, MSW, LICSW

My work as a therapist revolves around the relationship. I believe that without a connection between you and I, the work that we can do will be limited… READ MORE

Terri Flansburg, MSW, LICSW

Life is a mixed bag. Hope and sadness; shame and pride; loneliness and intimacy; fear and contentment; light and darkness all occupy space in our minds and bodies simultaneously… READ MORE