Online counseling makes it easier to take care of your mental health,
even when your schedule is packed.


We will be moving to Microsoft Teams for our Telehealth appointments starting on Monday July 10th, 2023.

Teams will be integrated into OPUS and links for telehealth visits will be included in reminder emails and text messages. For instructions on downloading and using teams click here. 

Follow the links below to get set up today!


The winter of 2018 was filled with very cold temperatures and lots of snow. CARE had many clients unable to attend much needed appointments due to being unable to make it to the clinic or felt it was unsafe to travel to the clinic. We thought about how in addition to snowstorms, so people in Minnesota live in place that do not have accessible mental health therapists. The problem was clear and the solution to offer telehealth services just made sense… READ MORE

Common Questions about Telehealth Therapy

Does Telehealth Work? Yes! While it certainly feels different, virtual therapy has been shown to be equally effective to in-person therapy.

Does my insurance provider cover telehealth? Depending on the provider, online therapy is typically covered. CARE Counseling is credentialed for telehealth therapy across all major insurance panels. Give us a call and we can have our billing partner check prior to your first session.

What’s it like doing Telehealth in a house full of kids?  It can definitely be tough, but it is also important for you to find space and time for your mental health. Therapy from home enables you to be mobile and efficient, and the CARE team is here to support when, where and how it works best for your family’s schedule.

How can virtual therapy work when I can barely get space? Schedule your session during a time of day when the house is most quiet, such as early morning, nap times or by creating a designated headphone hour for all those in the home. Play music or white noise nearby to reduce the transmission of your voice from your secure space.