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We come from all walks of life and are united by our commitment to providing effective, relevant and innovative mental health support across the Twin Cities Area. Below you can find out more about who we are, where we come from and how we live out CARE’s mission every day.

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KellieB black and white headshot photo

Kellie Bernal

Seeking healing and growth through therapy takes courage and self-awareness, I am so glad you are ready to start the journey!

Maple Grove

Kari D black and white headshot photo

Dr. Kari Duong-Topp

I work primarily with adults – any human person from ages 15 to over 80 and beyond. I have experience in seeing people who were experiencing…

Clifton Ave. (Loring Park), Minneapolis

Max S black and white headshot photo

Max Stoltenberg

I am interested in treating anxious and depressive disorders. I also focus on how trauma can affect our relationships, work, and our ability to pursue our goals and enjoy life.


Brittany Enciso

If you have been questioning whether now is the right time to start therapy or whether or not therapy is for you. Take the leap.

St. Louis Park

Mary S black and white headshot photo

Mary Siusta

A mirror allows us to see ourselves, however, sometimes this mirror can be distorted by our unhelpful thinking patterns.

Maple Grove

Laura Peters

Hi! My name is Laura Peters, and I am a pre-licensed therapist with CARE. I currently am telehealth only, but do consider Maple Grove my home location.


Krysta Mazur

Hello! I am so happy you have started your journey into therapy. As a therapist I want to provide a safe and healing space to be vulnerable and grow into the wonderful person you are.

Maple Grove

KulsoomH black and white headshot photo

Kulsoom Haider

Welcome! Therapy is a space to use in the best way you see fit for your journey. Whether you need supportiveness, a peaceful place of reflection, or a way to challenge yourself

Maple Grove

Desiree Falkowski black and white headshot photo

Desiree Falkowski

Everyone is deserving of a space to decompress, learn about themselves, and heal.

Franklin Ave., Minneapolis

Emily Lathrop

Starting your mental health journey is often a huge step and I am here to offer a safe space to begin this journey.

Franklin Ave.

ShelbiP black and white headshot

Shelbi Patterson

Hello, I am a recent graduate of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at South Dakota State University.

St. Louis Park

kayla djonne black and white photo

Kayla Djonne

Hello! I am so thankful to be part of this journey in therapy with you. My role is to create a safe space free of judgment to help you overcome barriers to living the life you want to live.


Kari B black and white headshot photo

Kari Bruestle

I believe in the growth that people can experience when they are given the time to self-reflect and be intentional in their life with support from professional staff such as myself.

Mendota Heights

Kendra olson black and white photo

Kendra Olson

Instead of avoiding or being overwhelmed by the obstacles in life, we can use them as opportunities for growth and take control of our lives.


Alma Jorgenson

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes a little help is needed to weather the changes.

Caryl Anderson

Hello, My name is Caryl and I’ve been in social services for many years and am now working on my graduate degree.


Bridget Nelson

Starting (or restarting!) therapy can bring up a range of thoughts and feelings. My therapeutic approach is to understand current patterns by exploring patterns that may have existed throughout the lifetime, and promoting manageable change.

Mendota Heights

Mary Seevers

As a pre-licensed Marriage and Family therapist, it is my passion to help clients understand how their family, community, and lived experiences impact their mental health and wholeness with an emphasis on healing trauma.

Mendota Heights

Abigail Rech

My therapeutic lens is systemic and holistic. I am influenced by Narrative Therapy and IFS Therapy, and I also consider my practice to be emotion centered and humanistic.

Franklin Ave., Minneapolis

Sarah Sandvik, black and white image

Sarah Sandvik

Grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and let’s talk! I want this space to feel as safe and comfortable as possible and promise to show up authentically.

St. Louis Park

Krista Weber

I believe that the best therapy is authentic and empathetic, that all people have the inner strength for healing, and that there is courage in taking the first step in navigating one’s emotional journey.

Kendall Mager

I firmly believe that each individual has their unique journey towards healing, and I am here to support and guide you in a way that respects your personal choices and autonomy.

Clifton Ave. (Loring Park), Minneapolis

Kate Anderson

I believe there is immense power in being witnessed. This is what excites me about therapy, and why I am so thrilled that you have chosen to take the first step.


Melissa Bennett

Every chapter in your story matters and therapy can be a great way to explore the parts of our stories that we would rather ignore and skip over.

Maple Grove

Zandra Georgakas

Hello and welcome! I look forward to meeting you and supporting you throughout your healing journey. I enjoy working with a broad range of ages and mental health concerns.

Franklin Ave., Minneapolis

Megan Johnson2

Megan Johnson

Being human in our world can feel challenging at times. What you’re navigating may feel difficult or heavy, but you don’t have to carry the weight of it alone.

Gina Ashley BW2

Gina Ashley

Your life and story are important and hold incredible value. I believe that your unique identity and background hold great influence and are a vital part of understanding who you are and how you relate to the world around you.

Mendota Heights

CeCe Anuforo BW2

CeCe Anuforo

As Rumi says, “This being human is a guest house…” for joy, depression, awareness, meanness, shame as well as the peace or the chaos they can bring into our lives.

Brittany Johnston BW2

Brittany Johnston

Hi! Welcome, I am so glad you are taking the time to take care of yourself. Life is hard, chaotic, exhausting, and beautiful.

Maple Grove

Alex Brown BW2

Alexandra Brown

I work to empower my clients to identify areas of growth and change they would like to see, and to ultimately achieve this growth.

Mendota Heights

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