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Coffee with CARE

Coffee with CARE

CARE Counseling will be handing out custom CARE coffee tumblers at Pow Wow Coffee Grounds, on Thursday, February 9th starting at 11 a.m. while supplies last.
Pregnancy concerns

Guide to Starting Conversations Surrounding Pregnancy Concerns

Before, during, and after pregnancy, there are many changes that can be experienced in a multitude of areas
Post-partum depression

Different Post-partum Depression Stages, Signs, and Symptoms

Did you know that there are three continuous but distinct phases in the postpartum period?
7 Types of Triggers and 7 Coping Strategies

7 Types of Triggers and 7 Coping Strategies

Sensory triggers in the environment can be very distracting and trigger sensory overload such as feeling overwhelmed, meltdowns, or shutting down.
5 Strategies to Deal with Burnout Stress

5 Strategies to Deal with Burnout Stress

Many individuals and families are struggling with balancing the number of hours spent at work while trying to find the time and energy to engage in meaningful activities, schedule appointments, take care of daily responsibilities, and find time for themselves.
Stipend Graphic

CARE Leading the Industry with 2023 Stipend for Students

CARE Counseling is excited to be an industry leader as we begin offering a $2,000 stipend for practicum students that join the summer and fall cohorts at CARE for the 2023-2024 training year!
Blog Lunch and Learn

Zoom Lunch and Learn: Transitions and Change

Free virtual lunch and learn on zoom about transitions and changes.
morning routine post

7 tips to elevate your winter morning routine

Thinking about changing and creating habits may be something that you’d like to do but having a hard time getting started.