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CARE Counseling is convenient to many of the neighboring cities in the Twin Cities Metro area. CARE has several locations in the Twin Cities and virtually serves the entire state of Minnesota.

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Gratitude and Giving Back at Work

It feels good to feel valued for not only the work that you do but for who you are as a person—to feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to become the best version of yourself.
Why See a Therapist Over the Holidays?

Why See a Therapist Over the Holidays?

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should See a Therapist Over the Holidays.
Addressing Biopsychosocial Factors

Addressing Biopsychosocial Factors for Children & Teen’s Mental Health

Biological-factors-affecting-child-development genetic predisposition to mental health, neurochemistry, gender, and overall physical health.
High-expressed emotion blog

High-expressed emotion

The DSM-5 defines expressed emotion as a qualitative measure of the “amount” of emotion.


Care Counseling, which provides outpatient therapy for its clients, has experienced rapid growth from 2019 to 2021.

Twin Cities Business Magazine Names Notable Leaders in Marketing

In a time marked by a pandemic, labor and supply shortages, inflation, a social justice movement, and demands for equity, that's not a simple job. But TCB's 2022 Notable Leaders in Marketing have proven themselves, and the brands they represent, worthy of recognition.
Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic-therapy is a great talk-therapy option for those who can be self-reflective to explore topics such as their “ideal self”
How to Set Healthy Boundaries

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is an important life skill yet knowing HOW to set healthy boundaries can be difficult, especially at first.
Practicum Student or Pre-Licensed Clinician

Benefits of Working with a Practicum Student or Pre-Licensed Clinician

Sometimes clients are hesitant to work with a newer therapist. They may not see credentials after a name and may dismiss the possibility of seeing a particular therapist.

Care Counseling Announces Acquisition of Five Rivers Mental Health Clinic of Mankato, Minnesota

Therapists will continue to support the Mankato area and provide one hour talk therapy for all ages.
Blog Post October

Five Benefits of Attending Al-Anon/Alateen and Nar-Anon/ Narateen

Support for Friends, Family, and Concerned Individuals who are Impacted by Other’s Drinking and Drug Use
World Gratitude Resources

5 Benefits of Gratitude

World Gratitude Day gives us a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, and consider the positive things in our life.

Different Paths of Recovery

There are different paths to recovery. Taking the first steps and finding a recovery path that works for you is the goal.
National Recovery month

October Is National Recovery Month

Living as an addict can feel lonely, and this does not need to define you. In fact, the term “addict” can be offensive, especially when you are struggling with substance use or relapse.
Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness & Prevention With Kids and Teens

The notion of suicide awareness and prevention with kiddos and teens can be a daunting one, and as such, a vital one to be discussed.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Having meaningful relationships through social connection is an important protective factor for good mental health and suicide prevention. Here are 6 Tips from the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education to Help Get Connected.
Be the 1 to

#BeThe1To: Help Them Connect

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. One of the ways in which we can all work together to help prevent suicide is to get connected.

CARE Counseling Made the Inc. 5000 list!

With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 394 Percent, CARE Counseling Receives Ranking No. 1610 Among America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.
APA Sponsor

Continuing Education at CARE!

CARE Counseling is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. CARE maintains the responsibility for this program and its content.
physical Pain

Physical Symptoms can Manifest from Stress and Five Ways you Can Help Manage Them

When asking individuals on how they experience the physical symptoms-of-stress, here are some of the most common responses: Chronic aches and pain, Physical and/ or mental exhaustion, Headache, Difficulty sleeping, Panic attacks, and Muscle tension

Rising Stars: CARE Counseling Founders on Secret to Success

In a mental health industry where providers leave in droves and clinics struggle to hire new talent, CARE seems to have found a secret recipe for success, one that they’re more than willing to talk about.

Resiliency In Life

Why does positivity matter? There are so many reasons! Here are a few examples of resilience-in-positive-psychology.
infusing joy

Infusing Joy

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you were surrounded by positive energy that radiated to all those who came near its presence? Infusing lives with joy starts with each one of us. If you are hoping to experience more happiness, here are ways to INFUSE joy--