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Clients can find expert therapists in person at our Plymouth location or virtually state-wide.

Plymouth, Minnesota Therapists

CARE Counseling is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals offering outpatient psychological and psychiatric services in Plymouth, MN. We serve adults, children, couples, and families who are seeking therapy for a wide range of conditions.

  • Therapy – Expert Mental Health Therapists and Providers in Plymouth, MN. At its best, therapy can provide the space that you need to work out both the big stuff and the little things. It can give you the tools to better cope with life’s challenges, be more resilient and make positive changes. Common things we can help with are anxiety, depression, sleep, self-care, grief, substance use, trauma, and more. There is no wrong time to begin therapy, so if you are ready to start exploring whether individual or family counseling is right for you and your family, feel free to reach out today to schedule. We offer mental health therapy (individual and couples) as well as marriage counseling and family therapy.
  • Medication Management Psychiatry in Plymouth, MN. Specializing in mental health treatment, our medication management providers can help with symptoms relating to depression, anxiety, panic, ADD/ADHD, OCD, sleep difficulty, trauma, Postpartum depression, and more.
  • Psychological testing and assessment – At CARE Counseling we offer testing for ADD|ADHD in Plymouth, MN. We currently provide testing for adults in Plymouth.
  • Group Therapy – We currently offer support groups in Plymouth, MN to those affected by autism the opportunity to share problems, solutions, joys, and sorrows with one another. Possible topics include identity, masking, self-advocacy, relationships, available supports, burnout, coping skills, healthcare, anxiety, sensory processing, stimming, communication, boundaries, emotions, and accommodations.

To learn more about CARE Counseling, please feel free to contact us.

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Understanding the Signs of Substance Abuse

Identifying the signs of substance abuse can be a life-changing step in addressing this issue.

Featured on Kare11: As students go back to college, questions on mental health arise

Navigating various stressors can feel daunting at times, but Dr. Bausch-Ryan recommended that students find some healthy outlets.
Embracing change

Embracing Change and Resilience

Embrace change, and you'll find it to be a powerful force for transformation and self-discovery on your journey toward a fulfilling life.

Fastest-Growing Behavioral Mental Health Company

Twenty-two of the 36 behavioral health companies identified on the list this year were either telehealth companies or were founded as outpatient mental health practices.

CARE Counseling Celebrates Second Consecutive Win on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

CARE Counseling, a prominent outpatient mental health group of clinics based in Minnesota, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of securing a coveted spot on the prestigious 2023 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America for the second consecutive year.

Setting Realistic Expectations for Academic Performance

Remember, success is not a race; it's a personal journey of discovery, growth, and transformation.

Nurturing Mental Well-Being: How to Discuss Starting Therapy with Your College Student

The college years are a time of growth, exploration, and learning, but they can also be accompanied bychallenges that may impact a student's mental well-being.

Supporting Student Success: The Power of Therapy in Overcoming Educational Challenges

Higher education is a transformative journey that opens doors to a world of opportunities and personal growth. However, the path to success is not always smooth, and many students face overwhelming challenges that lead them to contemplate dropping out.

CARE Counseling hosts grand opening in Plymouth

CARE Counseling held a July 7 ribbon cutting for their new clinic, located at 4100 Berkshire Lane, Plymouth.
Fighting Rules

Fair Fighting Rules

Often the little things that trigger strong emotions are a cumulative build-up.

Strategies to Strengthen Family Communication

Family communication plays an essential role within the family system, yet breakdowns in communication are common.

UnitedHealth Group sees growing demand for behavioral, mental health care

More patients are seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and substance use disorder, prompting the Minnetonka-based health care giant to add providers to its network.
Repair your relationships

Repairing Relationships and Therapeutic Approaches

Let’s look at therapeutic approaches that may be used to address factors that impact relationships and see what might be most beneficial to your current situation.
Social Media Effects

Unveiling the Psychological Effects of Social Media

Research suggests that excessive use of social media can contribute to feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety.
Emotional intelligence

The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

Let’s explore the significance of emotional intelligence in relationships and discuss practical ways to enhance it for more fulfilling and harmonious interactions.
Person centered

What is a Person-Centered Therapist?

The client is the focus of interventions, and the therapist works alongside the client.
Transparent communication

Being Transparent in Communication with Your Therapist

Mental health presentations and life experiences can impact rapport and trust, especially if establishing trust has been difficult

CARE Counseling Announces the Ribbon Cutting for Their New Clinic in Plymouth, Minnesota

Crunch, the beloved mascot of the Minnesota Timberwolves, will be present to join in the celebration and help pass out information to guests who drive by and grab breakfast the morning of July 7th.

Unraveling the Shadows

While gaslighting is often associated with toxic relationships, it is crucial to understand what gaslighting truly is and dispel misconceptions that can cloud our understanding.

Building Therapeutic Relationships with Clients

Establishing a strong therapeutic relationship is essential for facilitating positive outcomes in various helping professions.

The Mental Load

In today's fast-paced world, the demands of both domestic life and work can create an overwhelming mental load for individuals.

Nurturing Maternal Mental Health

The journey of motherhood is a profound and transformative experience. From the moment a baby is born, a mother's life is forever changed.

How to help struggling adolescents during summer break

Summer break can be a time of excitement and adventure for children and teens, but for those struggling with mental health challenges, it can also be a time of added stress and anxiety.