Continuing Education at CARE!

CARE Counseling is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. CARE maintains the responsibility for this program and its content.

Physical Symptoms can Manifest from Stress and Five Ways you Can Help Manage Them

When asking individuals on how they experience the physical symptoms-of-stress, here are some of the most common responses: Chronic aches and pain, Physical and/ or mental exhaustion, Headache, Difficulty sleeping, Panic attacks, and Muscle tension

Summer of Emotional Growth with Kids

Summer offers new opportunities of growth for children, especially in the area of social and emotional development which is one of the four main areas of development (the other three include motor/ physical development, cognitive development, and communication/ language).

CARE COACHing For Good

Here at CARE – we love surprises! We asked each member of the Clinical Leadership Team to choose one person that they believes positively impacts CARE, not knowing that either of them would receive a surprise COACH bag!

Rising Stars: CARE Counseling Founders on Secret to Success

In a mental health industry where providers leave in droves and clinics struggle to hire new talent, CARE seems to have found a secret recipe for success, one that they’re more than willing to talk about.

Resiliency In Life

Why does positivity matter? There are so many reasons! Here are a few examples of resilience-in-positive-psychology.

Infusing Joy

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you were surrounded by positive energy that radiated to all those who came near its presence? Infusing lives with joy starts with each one of us. If you are hoping to experience more happiness, here are ways to INFUSE joy–

CARE Counseling Ranks No. 29 In the Star Tribune’s Best Places to Work

CARE was recognized in the Star Tribune as one of the Best Places to Work in Minnesota, ranking No. 29 in the small business. John Hutchinson, COO, points out the importance of offering great pay, a beautiful environment to work in, and providing opportunities for people to create deep relationships with one another.

CARE Counseling Continues to Push the Boundaries of Excellence Within the Mental Health Industry

CARE Counseling is proud to announce their American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation for their trainings, which coincides with their award for Best Places to Work in the Star Tribune and obtaining Rule 29 certification, all while maintaining same-week availability for clients wanting one-hour talk therapy.