How Do I Know If I Should See a Therapist?

One of the clearest signs that you may benefit from therapy is experiencing persistent overwhelming emotions.

Featured on Kare11: As students go back to college, questions on mental health arise

Navigating various stressors can feel daunting at times, but Dr. Bausch-Ryan recommended that students find some healthy outlets.

Accessing In-School Counseling Supports for Students

If you want to learn more about in-school counseling support, talking to the school social worker or counselor is a good place to start.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques for Students

Encourage students to take a few moments before starting their assignments to breathe deeply and set an intention for focused work.

Navigating Post-Vacation Anxiety

Remember that the adjustment period is temporary and that you have the power to shape your mindset as you reenter daily life.

Fall Superfoods to Boost Mental Wellness

Embracing fall superfoods is a delicious and impactful way to support your mental wellness.

The Power of Reflection

As you engage in this process, may you find solace, joy, and a deeper connection to the intricacies of your own unique journey.

Fastest-Growing Behavioral Mental Health Company

Twenty-two of the 36 behavioral health companies identified on the list this year were either telehealth companies or were founded as outpatient mental health practices.

A Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention

Finally, having a sense of connectedness is needed to help protect individuals who are at risk of suicide.