5 Things You Should Know about Your Diagnosis

A diagnosis is an important part of the first two sessions since it helps the therapist conceptualize the presenting concerns and treatment options by categorizing and naming symptoms.

Supporting Families Impacted by Stress and Trauma

When children experience a traumatic event, the entire family is affected. Often, family members have different experiences and emotional responses to the traumatic event.

High School Anxiety: Transitions & Triggers for Teens & their Families

Anxiety present at the beginning of a new school year as part of back-to-school-anxiety is common.

Ways for Caregivers to Support Children & Teens who are Struggling at School

As a parent, knowing how to best support children and teens who are struggling at school can feel overwhelming.

Types of Thoughts that Indicate Therapy Would be Beneficial

Intrusive thoughts can be described as unwanted thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and are distressing. They may be connected to a real-life event such as a flashback after a traumatic event.

Stop Blaming Yourself and Over-Apologizing

Negative and repetitive thought patterns are present in both anxiety and depression. There are many cognitive-distortions present in negative thinking. Many of these thoughts take the form of negative-automatic-thought (NAT) patterns.

Timelines of Life Expectations: Where do these come from?

Is where you’re at right not consistent with expectations—either of yourself or others?

Your Lived Experiences: Acceptance & Approval vs. Disapproval and Judgment

Many people have stories of seeking and finding acceptance and approval within their journey as well as stories of experiencing disapproval and judgment—either within themselves or from others.

How to Cope with Feeling Judged by Others within your Spaces

It can be very hard to be vulnerable again if you have opened up in a space that felt safe at the time (e.g., with a partner, parent, best friend, or past therapist) only to feel misunderstood, upset, and discouraged to continue opening up.

Guide to Starting Conversations Surrounding Pregnancy Concerns

Before, during, and after pregnancy, there are many changes that can be experienced in a multitude of areas