Identity & Therapy at CARE Counseling

CARE is “outside the box” to eliminate boxes as gender does not fit neatly into an either-or checkbox.

Self Talk in a Digital World

For the past few decades we have become increasingly connected thanks to technology. Now, thanks to the global pandemic that began in 2020, we are closer than ever before.


Accepting Differences: One way to work with kids and teens on fostering healthy relationships is by building skills around empathy. An aspect of practicing empathy is learning to accept and appreciate differences.


Grow with Care: Learning self-care in fun and creative ways makes it more likely that kids/teens may use as they grow up. One kind of self-care that can be made into a game is mindfulness.

Caring for Relationship Clutter

Just like we can hold onto physical items that clutter our life, so can we hold onto relationship clutter.

Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, Soul, and Space

Life is not “neat and clean”. Life is messy. Along with mess is clutter. Our physical environment can affect our emotional state, and this is different for each person. One important question to consider is how does clutter affect you?

Making Time for Self-Care in May

Taking time for yourself may seem like a luxury, but self-care is an important aspect of good mental health.

Post-Treatment… What life looks like now

You officially completed treatment…congratulations! Now what? Like other areas of life where one completes a task, there are steps necessary to maintain positive results.


“Laughter is the best medicine”, especially now. Scrolling through social media, humor was interspersed leading up the election results. You may think of entertainment when it comes to laughter–your favorite sitcom, comedian, or personality that evokes and good belly laugh. However, laughter has many purposes besides entertainment. It is a great means of coping during difficult times by offering relief from stress.

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