CARE Counseling Continues to Push the Boundaries of Excellence Within the Mental Health Industry

CARE Counseling is proud to announce their American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation for their trainings, which coincides with their award for Best Places to Work in the Star Tribune and obtaining Rule 29 certification, all while maintaining same-week availability for clients wanting one-hour talk therapy.

Summer Mental Health Tips

One of my favorite things that I love about summer is all the awesome free activities that are available, especially within the Twin Cities that help support emotional and physical well-being. There is free yoga, food, music, movies, festivals, events, family fun, and so much more.

Eating Disorder Awareness

National Eating Disorders awareness week aims to educate about the realities of eating disorders. #SeeTheChange

Super Bowl Sunday

I’ll admit it. I am not a huge football fan, but for some reason, I get excited about the Super Bowl. Whether it is cheering on your favorite team, watching the commercials, enjoying the half-time show, or eating your favorite munchies, there are a number of great reasons why the super-bowl-matters. Did you know that there are actually mental health benefits of being a diehard-sports-fan? In addition there are some great social aspects. Check out these five awesome benefits:

Coping with the “Sunday Scaries”

You realize that you are struggling with the Sunday Scaries as you just can’t shake the feelings of anticipatory anxiety and dread that keep popping up Sunday evening. Perhaps you’ve tried some strategies that haven’t worked too well such as having a drink or taking a smoke break before getting back into your old routines. Your body continues to feel anxious, and you just want to avoid facing the thought of starting an entire week filled with responsibilities, decision-making, and deadlines. Here are some strategies to help cope with the Sunday-scaries:

Adulting is Hard: The “Sunday Scaries”

Friday is here and the work or school week is wrapping up. TGIF. Many people, especially those who have a typical 9-5 schedule look forward to having two days off. It can bring an immediate sense of relief, and opportunity to “be off” and relax from feelings of pressure and responsibility.. Saturday is over before you know it, Sunday is here. As they day progresses, you notice feelings of anxiety that become more intense throughout the day accompanied by an overwhelming sense of dread. “I don’t want to go back to work or school already!” It can be described like an anticipatory anxiety, focused on the negative which can send the body into a fight-or-flight-response. The thought along of returning to work or school can feel terrifying.

Emotions are Contagious

You cannot “catch” mental illness like you can catch the flu, but emotions and the flu have one thing in common. They are both contagious! As I think about significant relationships that have been part of my life, I am drawn to those who bring out the best in me. It feels good to be around others who are happy and positive.

Modern Mental Health

Care options for mental illness has changed significantly over the centuries but the effects of harmful practices contribute to mistrust and stigma of seeking mental health treatment. The American Psychological Association (APA) which has been in existence since the late 1800s recently issued an apology-for-systemic-racism. The APA acknowledged not only their own role but also the role that psychology has played in systemically causing harm to persons of color over the decades within their policy statement.

Writing a Letter to Your Younger Self

Letter writing is a powerful modality. Some of my most treasured memories have been hand-written letters from loved ones. Even though the writer may no longer be physically present after death, their words of wisdom are alive in their writings.

When to Let Go: Releasing the Past from the Present

The past is an important part of who we are. Our early upbringing, childhood memories, school experiences, first sexual encounters, relationships, and key decisions that shape our present self. Do you ever feel as if there are aspects of your past that are holding you back to being fully present?