Couples Counseling

Why therapy?

Are you finding yourself in a situation where it feels like you and your partner:

  • do not seem to be understanding each other
  • are fighting a lot
  • are experiencing difficulty with communication
  • you seem to be stuck in the same cycles

…among many other things this can be distressing. Making the decision to come to couples therapy and allow a therapist into the vulnerable parts of your relationship can provide an opportunity for you and your partner to break the cycle you are in, develop health communication skills, as well as help each other heal and express yourselves in a constructive way.

A couple’s therapist will work with both partners to ensure that everyone feels heard, and to maintain balance during sessions so that they both have opportunities to express their perspectives. At CARE Counseling, we welcome both partners into the therapeutic alliance and work collaboratively with you to discover potentials goals for therapy, all while discovering each unique couple where they are at, and support them with what they need.

When considering couples counseling, it is important to find an environment where you can feel safe and heard and free of judgement. At CARE we strive to provide an environment where both partners can feel safe processing through issues related to their relationship including conflict, parenting, sex, finances and many more. Through the process of couples counseling you can expect to learn different styles of communication and listening skills that can help you to break the cycle that you have potentially been “stuck in” with your partner.

Please feel free to call (612) 223-8898  to speak with one of our administrative professionals and they will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right couples therapist for you. We look forward to working with you and getting to know your story!


Commonly treated

– Relational Conflict

– Communication Difficulties

– Infidelity

– Parenting

– Co-Parenting

– Grief/Loss

– Bedroom Topics

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