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The Four S’s Of Resiliency

Creating a plan on how to adapt can help one feel more capable to embrace and bounce back from changes and/or challenges. When recognizing how one has navigated these in the past, a greater sense of ability may arise. Invite the client to reflect on their Four S’s of resilience: Supportive people – who has supported you in developing new, more helpful perspectives? Strategies – what are approaches that work for you navigate difficult thoughts and feelings? Sagacity – what are words of wisdom and/or insights that may have been or could be helpful (most effective when they are believable!)? Solution-seeking – What are solutions that you have found helpful (e.g. Making a plan, finding use information, asking questions, etc.)? Then, come up with a plan of how the client can incorporate the Four S’s going forward – who are their supportive people, what strategies can they practice/use, which phrases may be empowering, and what are other solutions they want to explore?

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