5 Things to Expect from Couples Therapy

Congratulations! You and your partner(s) have made the important decision to see a therapist.

Motivation Series Part 4: Inspiration

In previous weeks we addressed motivation “bypassers,” or skills you can use when you’re feeling unmotivated but still need to get things done. Nonetheless, the spark and energy we feel when motivated is an empowering experience. So, this week, we will focus on cultivating the emotion that underlies motivation: inspiration

Motivation Series Part 3: Dedication

It’s common to find ourselves with a long to-do list and motivation nowhere in sight. In those moments, relying on your commitment to the task can help you start crossing items off your list. This week’s motivational “bypasser” is dedication.

Motivation Series Part 2: Outcome

A key point from last week is that oftentimes, we wait to feel motivated before we act. But, if we instead substitute other skills for motivation, we can often bypass the need to feel motivated and jump right into doing. This week’s motivational “bypasser” is outcome.

Motivation Series Part 1: Routine

Motivation is an elusive feeling, particularly when we need it most. When a long task list is looming and motivation is nowhere to be found, a lot of us get stuck before we even get the chance to start. Fortunately, it’s a myth that we need to feel motivated before acting!