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The science of spanking: What happens to some spanked kids when they grow up?

Spanking is controversial, but do you know why? Check out the science behind saying no to corporal punishment

Five phrases that are guaranteed to make your kids stop begging.

Begging and whining a problem whilst shopping? Lock and load these five phrases to make shopping trips more enjoyable!

There's No Such Thing as Equal Parenting

We all want equality in our marriages....but what happens when a 50/50 workload becomes a little....less equal?

Brené Brown on Teaching Kids to Fail Well

Failure in life is inevitable - listen to Brene Brown explain how to ensure we enable our kids to face failure positively

How to Teach a Child About Being Grateful

Teach your kids how to be grateful with these 4 proactive actions

The Stanford professor who pioneered praising kids for effort says we’ve totally missed the point

Is the growth mindset running amok? The professor who first suggested it says it has!

10 Dark Parenting Truths We Never Talk About

It seems like all we ever talk about is the sunshine and rainbows surrounding having kids - but what about the potential negatives?

33 Things All Daughters of Strong Women Will Relate to

In honor of Mother's - a nostalgic glance at the lessons that we were taught by the strong women in our life.