Relationships as an Attorney

Maintaining relationships as an attorney can be tricky. The demands of a working schedule, meetings, travel, and company requirements can cause strain on the quality and quantity of time you have with a partner, family, or friends! Where is the balance? Here are some tips on how to foster the relationships that matter most to you in the midst of a high demand career.

  1. Unplug. Take time to spend quality time that is uninterrupted by the business of work, electronics, or outside influences. Take time to spend time and show the people who matter that they are a true priority to you.
  2. Be Intentional. Making plans is one thing, but what would it be like to make plans and keep them? Making clear, intentional, scheduled commitments is powerful! Date night once a week? Family dinner three times a week? A happy hour once every other week? You have the benefit of fostering the relationships in your life as it works for your schedule!
  3. Be in the moment. What would our lives be like if we decided to hold ourselves accountable for our own relationships and interactions. “How did I make a valuable connection with a loved one today?” Take time to reflect, practice gratitude, and make meaningful connections.

Taking time to make relationships a priority can be challenging with seemingly no instant gratification. Take time to reflect on how fostering relationships can lead to a long-term reward that will benefit you in the future!

Need help understanding why relationships are so powerful for our support network? Outpatient therapy can help! In therapy, you can process current relationships, past relationships, and hopes for future relationships in your life. Here are some great resources!

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