Being a Mother with a Demanding Job

Finding a work-life balance as an attorney can be extremely difficult. Add being a mother into the mix, and it can feel almost impossible! Many moms feel working mom guilt – “I’m a bad mother because I am choosing a career over my child.” Is this true? No! Here are some truths to hold onto when the mom guilt digs in.

  • Create a support network. How hard would it be if there was no support, connection, or strength in numbers to find help in times of need? Surround yourself with strong women who can encourage you and build you up in a society that can break women down.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about the mom guilt. It is hard for a parent in today’s society to feel the pressure of being a “perfect” mother. We need to take time to feel okay talking about the hard things – sometimes being good enough IS good enough.
  • Take advantage of playing. Playing is so good for our hearts and soul. It can bring a sense of renewal to not only ourselves, but it can create a strong bond and attachment with your child(ren). Give them the reigns to teach you something new about yourself!
  • Give yourself permission. It is okay to leave work early to go to the choir concert or the baseball game. Perform at your high level, inform the people who are in the need to know roles, and allow yourself the space to do what you need.
  • Focus on why you love your family. Mindfulness is a big buzzword recently, and it is for good reason that we should listen to it. Take time in your day to reflect and be grateful for the family you have – remind yourself why you love them AND why you love working. These things CAN coexist!
    1. Another part of this could also be giving yourself permission to miss the things that society pressures you to accomplish. It is okay that you can’t sign up to read a book at school every time they need a volunteer! Talk with your child(ren) about the limitations and model emotional health!

The struggles of being a working mother in a high-demand job can be overwhelming. If it is becoming overwhelming for you – it is a great idea to seek out help! Short-term outpatient therapy can help with gaining insight, learning coping skills, and helping with managing the guilt that comes with being a working mother.

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