Work-Life Balance as an Attorney

We are aware that mental illness does not discriminate based on status, race, gender, or occupation. Attorneys have a wonderful opportunity to help those in need, however, they also assume a great deal of responsibility in their caseload demands. What does this lead to? Many times it can lead to Anxiety, Depression, or other stressors that can make balancing personal life with occupational life demands.

What are some ways to help find the balance? Here are some tips that could be helpful if you are struggling to find middle ground in a world of extremes.

  • Take Five Minutes. What would it be like to take five minutes three times a day to reflect on gratitude and peace? Look for things that you are grateful for in the moment – no matter how big or small they may be. Take this time to unplug as well!
  • Clear Your Mind. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help with finding a balance and inner peace. Here are a few great apps that you can use as resources: Headspace; Calm; Balance; Stop, Breathe, Relax; and Insight Timer.
  • Eating and Sleeping ARE a Priority! Our dietary habits and sleep hygiene can impact every other aspect of our lives. Make sure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet and getting the recommended amount of sleep you require!
  • Schedule Time for Work. It is easy to take work home with use in any job! It is important to schedule time when you take work home. Make sure you set an alarm or timer to help you monitor spending time with friends, family, or hobbies on weekends.
  • Let go of Perfection. It can be hard to remember that perfect is not real. Make time to engage in some self-compassion and recognize the growth that can come out of messy situations!

It is easy to get caught up in a world of high demand and expectations. Make sure you save some space for your well-being.

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