Anxiety in Youth with T1D

Are you a parent of a youth with T1D? It can be difficult to manage symptoms of T1D without the added stress of mental health, however, studies prove that it is 33-42% more likely that youth with T1D will also have a mental health diagnosis. Specifically, 13-21.3% of this youth population are affected by anxiety (source)! These symptoms can be caused by stressors and underdeveloped coping strategies, which impact self-care and the ability to manage T1D.

What exactly is anxiety? According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety presents itself as excessive worry, apprehension, or dread that is difficult to control. Anxiety can also cause irritability and feelings of lost energy or fatigue throughout your day. There are physical symptoms and effects such as disturbances in your sleeping patterns, restlessness, feeling on-edge, or even having tension in your body that can result from anxiety.

Do these things seem familiar to you? The good news is that there are wonderful resources that you can reach out to for support!  Depending on the level of anxiety you have, there are a lot of great options for treatment. Outpatient Therapy can be a great resource to get some coping and stress management skills, healthy boundaries and relationship management, and self-compassion in overwhelming or self-critical situations.

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