Erin Appel, M.A., LPCC

We never received a handbook for this.  We never had this class at school.  Nobody sat us down and taught us how to regulate our emotions, navigate our relationships, or even figure out who we really are.  We were all just doing our best every day with the limited tools we had.  Until one day something happened that was so big we couldn’t manage it.  Or maybe things added up, little by little, day by day, until they became more than we could bear.  Maybe we felt lost, or overwhelmed, or desperate.

Crisis is a normal part of human life.  We all have them.  We can allow them to demoralize us and make us more scared and more hopeless, but that’s not the only option.  We can also use these moments of pain to learn and grow, become stronger and more resilient.  If we are patient, they can also transform our hearts and make us more compassionate.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, call me.  I can teach you practical skills for increasing awareness, managing your distress, taking care of yourself, communicating with your people, and generally getting your life together.  But more importantly, the process of therapy can help you get to know yourself, and uncover the wisdom you have inside, so you can be a resource to yourself and those around you.

Here at CARE, I provide individual therapy to female, male, and non-binary clients from age 15 and up.  I have a special interest in serving the following: health care providers (including medical, mental health, alternative medicine, and veterinary providers), the LGBTQ community, artists/performers, teachers, people pleasers, caretakers, perfectionists, meditators, and individuals working through spiritual or religious crises.  I can also provide DBT individual therapy to those who are enrolled in DBT groups at other clinics.

My therapy is informed by CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Existential Therapy, and ACT, and is evolving as I read, listen, and collaborate with other therapists. The way I work is most profoundly influenced by one person in particular: YOU.


BA in English with minors in Education and Theatre/Dance (Luther College), 2002

MA in Counseling Psychology (University of St. Thomas), 2013

clinical experience

Mental Health Systems

Crisis Connection

LPCC (Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy) since 2015




Bipolar Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder

Chronic Health Conditions

DBT Skills Training

Identity Issues

LGBTQ Issues




Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Self Injurious Behavior

Spiritual Issues

Suicidal Thoughts/Behaviors

In network with

CARE’s Clinicians are In-Network with a variety of providers including:

  • BCBS – Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • MHCP – MA
  • Medical Assistance
  • PreferredOne
  • UCare
  • HealthPartners
  • HealthPartners-Commercial
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Hennepin Health

Additionally, Out of Network & Out of Pocket options are available.


Understanding research and the root cause of common psychological issues is a great first step to creating a healthier you!

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