Autistic Adult Support Group

Support groups offer those affected by autism the opportunity to share problems, solutions, joy, and sorrows with one another. Many people say joining a support group can help build connections, ease stress and reduce feelings of isolation. Join a small group of Autistic adults for conversation that is affirming, supporting, and informative.

What we talk about is up to you! Possible topics include: identity, masking, self-advocacy, relationships, available supports, burnout, coping skills, healthcare, anxiety, sensory processing, stimming, communication, boundaries, emotions, and accommodations.

Dislike unstructured conversations? That’s okay! Come to listen, learn, and support.

How to Join this Group:

Call (612) 223-8898 and schedule a group therapy intake with Dr. Jaime Ascencio or click the Schedule Online button and “Request Appointment” with Jaime Ascencio. In the ‘message to practice’ state that you are interested in a group therapy intake.

Group therapy happens on Tuesday from 12-1pm through telehealth.