Why is Therapy Valuable

Imagine success…becoming the best version of yourself. That is one of the many amazing benefits of therapy. Since mental illness alters a person’s thoughts, feelings, and/ or behaviors in distinct ways, therapy helps one gain better control of these areas.

I like to reframe the benefits of therapy for anyone who is struggling with understanding, expressing, or coping with their thoughts, feelings, or behavior.

Therapy provides a safe space to talk, an outlet to express, and a nonjudgmental ear to listen.

Clients come to therapy for many different reasons. Some people feel alone, misunderstood, isolated. Others feel overwhelmed and anxious. Life is stressful and you do not need to go through it alone. Therapy helps normalize these experiences and provide a “roadmap” how to navigate through them.

Therapy is a place where you can be vulnerable, to feel seen and heard. To work through stressors or trauma and process uncomfortable emotions such as shame.

The benefits of therapy can directly impact one’s view of self and others. It can lead to increasing understanding through gaining insight. The therapist can assist with questions to ponder, and techniques that may offer a fresh perspective.

Skills and strategies learned in therapy offer long-term benefits not only for one’s emotional health but also physical health. It leads to improved feelings of self-worth and confidence. Therapy can improve relationships and boundary setting. It teaches and builds healthy coping skills. Your therapist can help you develop daily habits that set you up for success.

Whether you have been thinking about seeing a therapist for many years or have recently thought about therapy and would like to take a proactive approach, here is what wellness looks like:

• Expressing thoughts & feelings
• Coping with stress & setbacks
• Having a sense of purpose & meaning
• Using your knowledge & skills
• Maintaining physical health (diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise)
• Creating a pleasant & safe environment
• Finding satisfaction with financial & work situation
• Developing healthy relationships & supports

Written by: Charlotte Johnson MA, LPCC


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