Top reasons to make your mental health a priority this summer

Summer-Health-BlogYou are a priority (all year long)

Taking time out for therapy is an act of self-love . If you are considering therapy, then the time is now. Taking action to support emotional well-being should be a priority throughout the year, including summer. Consistent attention to the things that matter the most will help bring the desired results that you are seeking.

Mental health does not take a break

Some people like to “take a break” from therapy over the summer. Unfortunately, stressors can be at their peak in the summer. Those whose time and energy is in demand such as parents/ guardians, caretakers and employees in certain career fields can be especially stressed during this time of year. Living at home and lack of structure can be challenging for students. In addition, summer can trigger anniversaries of grief/ loss and traumatic events.

School is out and summer schedules offer flexible options

Summer can open more flexibility in scheduling for children, teens, and college students who tend to be off school or have more flexibility for day-time appointments during the summer. With many employers also having more flexible options for vacation and time off, summer is the perfect time to sneak away for an appointment without drawing too much attention.

New opportunities to practice skills

From outdoor activities, family outings, and social outlets, summer can provide new opportunities to practice skills outside of sessions such as connecting with nature, engaging in new hobbies, meeting new people, or learning how to set boundaries.

Time for a tune up

Trying therapy for the first time or doing some “maintenance work” can empower you to take care of your mind and body in ways that support living your best life. Summer is the perfect time to learn strategies to help relax your body and mind, become energized to take next steps, and feel good while doing so.

Written By : Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC

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