Seeing Humanity Within Characters of Your Family’s Drama

As you watch the family drama unfold before your eyes as an audience member viewing a performance such as “True West” written by Sam Shepard it is hard to not think about the characters in your own story.

Supporting Families Impacted by Stress and Trauma

When children experience a traumatic event, the entire family is affected. Often, family members have different experiences and emotional responses to the traumatic event.

Support for Developmental Trauma in Childhood

The impact of significant stressors on families and their developing child’s environment can be lifelong since prolonged stress can create biological changes in brain chemistry.

High School Anxiety: Transitions & Triggers for Teens & their Families

Anxiety present at the beginning of a new school year as part of back-to-school-anxiety is common.

Ways for Caregivers to Support Children & Teens who are Struggling at School

As a parent, knowing how to best support children and teens who are struggling at school can feel overwhelming.

Ways to Help Develop Resiliency in Children

repeated exposure to toxic stress can disrupt the developing brain and have long-term health and mental implications on early development.

Addressing Biopsychosocial Factors for Children & Teen’s Mental Health

Biological-factors-affecting-child-development genetic predisposition to mental health, neurochemistry, gender, and overall physical health.

Motivation Series Part 3: Dedication

It’s common to find ourselves with a long to-do list and motivation nowhere in sight. In those moments, relying on your commitment to the task can help you start crossing items off your list. This week’s motivational “bypasser” is dedication.

Super Bowl Sunday

I’ll admit it. I am not a huge football fan, but for some reason, I get excited about the Super Bowl. Whether it is cheering on your favorite team, watching the commercials, enjoying the half-time show, or eating your favorite munchies, there are a number of great reasons why the super-bowl-matters. Did you know that there are actually mental health benefits of being a diehard-sports-fan? In addition there are some great social aspects. Check out these five awesome benefits:

Modern Mental Health

Care options for mental illness has changed significantly over the centuries but the effects of harmful practices contribute to mistrust and stigma of seeking mental health treatment. The American Psychological Association (APA) which has been in existence since the late 1800s recently issued an apology-for-systemic-racism. The APA acknowledged not only their own role but also the role that psychology has played in systemically causing harm to persons of color over the decades within their policy statement.

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