Holding on and Letting Go

This is an activity that helps child understand the basic premise of cognitive coping skills (challenging, refocusing) in order to decide what is important and in their control and what they can let go of in situations. This is a great activity to begin problem solving and autonomous decision making skills.

My DBT House

This is a tool that can be used to gain insight to children’s behaviors, feelings, support networks, and hopes for therapy. This is a great intervention to use for a Diagnostic Interview session with children ages 10 and up.

Feelings in my Body

This is a tool that helps children and teenagers begin the process of understanding emotional identification and expression. By drawing and linking physical responses to emotions, it will hopefully help them have a better understanding of their feelings and give them space to choose the appropriate coping strategies or corrective responses to situations.

Teletherapy Scavenger Hunt

This is a great tool to introduce a child to teletherapy services while both building rapport and introducing basic emotional expression.