Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated around the world on March 1st to promote equality and help end discrimination. Discrimination is defined by unjust or biased treatment of individuals because they are part of a certain group based on factors such as the following:

  • Race, Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
  • Religion
  • Heath Status, Disability
  • Socioeconomic, Familial Status

Discrimination not only affects one’s physical and mental health, but also impacts important areas of life such as social and occupational functioning.

There is a need to raise awareness, take action, and call out discrimination. At CARE, we recognize the health disparities in mental health as well as stigma that still exits for many people to receive mental health treatment. We also recognize the need for systemic change within the mental health community. That is why CARE MORE was created.


CARE more is a non-profit community initiative created by CARE Counseling for the purpose of creating systemic change within the mental health community. CARE’s owners, John Hutchinson and Dr. Andrea Hutchinson, created CARE with the mission statement of: build a community to strengthen the community.

Despite the needs, only one in three Black or African American adults who need mental health care receive it. 

There are reasons that members of the BIPOC community avoid seeking therapy. Reluctance to enlist the aid of a mental health professional can include a lack of representation.

In Minnesota, 95% of mental health professionals are white; just over 2% are Black. Nationally it isn’t much better sitting at 4%.

With the goal of continuing to strengthen the mental health community through CARE more, the Hutchinson Family Endowment is donating $50,000 to the University of St. Thomas to fund the cost of books for BIPOC students pursuing masters and doctoral programs in the Psychology Department. Through the CARE more initiative, more BIPOC students will succeed in Psychology programs and pursue careers in therapy, which will encourage more people of color to find help from clinicians who can truly understand their racial struggles. If you are interested in showing your support for the mission behind CARE more, you can purchase swag at


If you are struggling with your mental health, reach out for help. CARE is an outpatient e-counseling mental health clinic whose clinicians work with children of all ages, adults, couples, and families. CARE Counseling offers same week availability and has many clinicians accepting new clients. All Major Minnesota Health Insurance Companies are accepted, including Medical Assistance, which covers 100% of outpatient mental health costs. To schedule an appointment, call 612.223.8898 or schedule online with our portal at

The Center for Disease Control lists specific examples for types of discrimination as well as protections that are offered with federal and US labor laws to read more visit:

Written By: Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC


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