Who needs a little extra tender loving care during the holiday season?

Can you think of something who is a bit “pricky”? Maybe their attitude is not very attractive.Reindeer Perhaps they have been hurting, holding on to bitterness, and in turn, pushing away family and friends.

What about those who are isolated and feeling lonely? Older adults can be especially prone to loneliness.

  • Consider reaching out in a meaningful way such as sending a handwritten note, making a phone call, or sending a care package.

Is there a friendship that you have cherished but have found yourself too busy lately to have any meaningful connection?

  • Let your friend know that you have been thinking about them. Ask how they are doing and see if there are any unmet needs in which you could both mutually support each other. Make plans for a future event.

Does your relationship with your parents, sibling(s), or child/ children need a little extra attending to?

  • Try slowing down to be more fully present. Consider intentional acts of kindness by responding in their love languages. It is OK to take a step back from busyness and commercialism and do something different.

Spending some extra focused attention on you, your pet(s), and/ or taking care of your plants…A little CARE can go a long way to increasing wellness and growth. The results can transform to something beautiful.

This blog was inspired by a classic movie, “A Charlie-Brown-Christmas”.

Written By: Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC

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