Weekly Intervention Ideas: October 19th Edition

Theme: Integrating Body and Mind

Kid strategy of the week:

Raisin Meditation: Engage the child (or child and caregiver) in the following activity (link below). This activity is used to increase sensory awareness and mindfulness abilities for children. The basic premise is to use a raisin (or Cheerio, or goldfish cracker, etc.) and encourage the child to tune into their sensory experience in a deeper way.


Sample progress note: The focus of this session was… The therapist engaged the Ct (or Ct and caregiver) in a mindfulness activity (Raisin Meditation) to increase sensory awareness and mindfulness skills. Ct was (engaged/not engaged) with this intervention.

Couples strategy of the week:

Sensate Focus: Sensate focus is a homework activity for couples that can be thought of as an integration of mindfulness with physical touch. To start, one partner enjoys and explores the sensation of touching their partner’s body (avoiding sexual areas of the body), while the other partner practices being mindful with the physical touch. Each partner spends 30 minutes in each role.


Sample Progress Note: The focus of this session was… The therapist provided psychoeducation about integrating body and mind through sensate focus to enhance communication and connection. The couple reported that they (want to try/are reluctant to try/etc) sensate focus, and they explored the idea of integrating body and mind in their relationship.

Adult strategy of the week:

Breathing: Our minds and bodies are in constant communication, and our breathing patterns are one example of this. When we feel stressed, we often take shallow, quick breaths from our chest. When we feel safe and relaxed, we take longer, deeper breaths from our stomachs. Experiment with changing your breathing patterns and notice what happens in your body and mind. This can be a great way to manage stress and anxiety.

Sample Progress Note: The focus of this session was… The therapist provided psycho-education about how to manage stress and anxiety symptoms through breathing patterns. Client reported that they feel like the psycho-education (could be helpful/does not seem like it would help/etc.) their mental health symptoms.

Meditation/Mindfulness strategy of the week:

Body Scan: Body scans can be helpful meditations to revisit when working on mind-body awareness and integration. This is a longer body scan that you can use in session or that clients can use on their own.


Sample progress note: The focus of this session was… The therapist led a meditation activity (i.e., Body Scan). Ct. (engaged/did not engage in the activity), and they reported that the activity was (helpful/difficult/not helpful).    

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