Weekly Intervention Ideas: October 12th Edition

Theme: Building Self-Esteem

Kid strategy of the week:

Art therapy Tree exercise: Have your client draw themselves as a tree:

Draw a tree with roots, trunk, and leaves. In the roots write all the things that give you strength, your strengths and desirable qualities.

In the trunk write those people or things that provide support.

In the leaves write areas where you would like to grow and/or goals.

Sample progress note: The focus of this session was… The therapist engaged the Ct in an art therapy activity (Tree Exercise) to facilitate Ct recognizing their strengths and sources of support. Ct was (engaged/not engaged) with this intervention.

Couples strategy of the week:

Strengths as a Couple: It’s important to not only recognize the individual strengths of your partner, but also to recognize your strengths as a couple. Even when couples are navigating through difficult patterns or dynamics, each couple likely has certain strengths. Explore the following list below with your clients and encourage them to pick out a few (and add their own) of their own strengths as a duo. Discuss ways that they can lean on those inherent strengths during challenging moments.

Shared interests



Conflict resolution

Shared sense of humor

Commitment toward each other

Sexual relationship/Intimacy

Giving each other independence/freedom/autonomy

Co-parenting abilities

Ability to make decisions together

Enjoy each other’s presence/having fun together

Shared values, spiritual beliefs, etc.

Sample progress note: The focus of this session was… The therapist utilized a strengths-based approach to help the couple recognize their strengths, resources, and protective factors. The couple and the therapist processed ways that they could utilize those strengths during challenging moments.  The couple (was able to/struggled to) identify the strengths within their relationships and ways to apply those strengths.

Adult strategy of the week:

Self-Esteem Journal: “Positive journaling has been found to help improve feelings of well-being and self-esteem. With this self-esteem worksheet, your clients will be asked to record three daily statements related to their successes, good qualities, and positive experiences. This worksheet is great for clients who have difficulty generating ideas for positive experiences to journal about.”

Assign this as homework for your client for a week, and use the next session to reflect on their observations after journaling about their success and strengths for a week. How did this affect their view of self? Relationships? Mental health symptoms? Explore the Ct’s experience noticing their own strengths.

Source: https://www.therapistaid.com/therapy-worksheet/self-esteem-journal/self-esteem/none

Sample Progress Note: The focus of this session was… The therapist provided psychoeducation on the practice of self-esteem journaling and the Ct practiced it (or reflected on what it would be like to do it) for a week. The dyad processed the Ct’s observations about noticing and recording their successes and strengths throughout the week. The Ct (recognized/struggled to recognize) their own strengths and how these show up in their daily life.

Meditation/Mindfulness strategy of the week:

Self-Esteem Meditation:

Source: https://www.innerhealthstudio.com/self-esteem-relaxation.html

Sample progress note: The focus of this session was… The therapist led a meditation activity (i.e., Self-Esteem Meditation). Ct. (engaged/did not engage in the activity), and they reported that the activity was (helpful/difficult/not helpful).

Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Notice how you are feeling right now…physically and mentally.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and release the breath through your mouth.

Take another breath, and allow your breathing to relax you as you exhale fully.

Breathe in gently… and as you breathe out, let the air carry the tension out of your body.

Continue to breathe slowly and gently as you begin to focus on relaxing your body.

Notice where your body is tense. Focus your attention on one of these areas. As you breathe, picture that part of your body becoming slightly more relaxed than it was before. With each breath, that part of your body becomes a little more relaxed.

Imagine what the relaxation feels like… tingly… soft… gentle… calm… loose… free… and let that feeling of relaxation grow.

Scan your body for any areas of tension, and for each area, let the relaxation soften the muscles as they give up their hold. Let the feeling of relaxation grow…spreading calm throughout your body.

Breathe in relaxation… and breathe out tension…breathe in calm…and let all the tension go as you exhale…

Continue to breathe slowly, and gently, deepening your state of relaxation more and more with each breath. Deeper and deeper. More and more relaxed. Calm. At peace.

Now begin to create a picture in your mind. Imagine a place where you feel completely at ease. This might be a favorite place you have been, or somewhere you have seen, or it might be completely imaginary. It’s up to you. Picture this place where you feel happy and calm.

Create the details about this place in your mind. Visualize the sights… sounds… and smells… of your place. Imagine how you feel physically. You are comfortable, enjoying the pleasant temperature… enjoying being still and relaxing or doing whatever enjoyable activities you participate in here…

Enjoy the way you feel in this safe place.

You feel calm and safe here. At peace with yourself.

Remain in your peaceful place while you meditate calmly and build your self-esteem.

Imagine that all of the following affirmations are true for you, right now in this moment, and enjoy the self-esteem relaxation you experience. Repeat each affirmation in your mind, or out loud, with conviction. Use your imagination to fully believe each self-esteem relaxation affirmation.

The self-esteem relaxation affirmations begin now.

I am at peace with myself.

I appreciate who I am.

I value myself as a person.

All people have value, and I am a valuable human being.

I deserve to relax.

I deserve to be happy.

I embrace my happy feelings, and enjoy being content.

I imagine and believe that all of these affirmations are true for me, right now in this moment, and enjoy the self-esteem relaxation I am experiencing.

When my mood is low, I accept my emotions and recognize that the low mood will pass, and I will be happy again. I look forward to the good times.

My future is bright and positive.

I look forward to the future, and I enjoy the present.

I look fondly upon many memories from my past.

I forgive myself for my mistakes. All people make mistakes. I used to feel regret about some of my mistakes because I am a good person and want to do the best that I can, and now, I am still a good person and I release the feelings of regret because I have learned and moved on. I forgive myself for errors I have made, because I have felt bad about them long enough. I have suffered enough, and now it is time to be free. By freeing myself from past mistakes, I can move on and do good things. I forgive myself.

I imagine and believe that all of these affirmations are true for me, right now in this moment, and enjoy the self-esteem relaxation I am experiencing.

I feel good about who I am today.

I accept the person that I am. I accept my flaws, and accept my strengths.

I view my shortcomings as strengths not yet developed, rather than as weaknesses.

I eagerly develop new strengths.

I imagine and believe that all of these affirmations are true for me, right now in this moment, and enjoy the self-esteem relaxation I am experiencing.

I approach challenges with strength.

I do the best that I can at the time. I give 100% effort when I am able and when I choose to put full effort toward the things that are important. I accept my imperfections and the imperfections in what I do. My efforts are good enough, and they’re okay.

I do not have to be perfect to be okay as a person.

I am a human being with flaws. I enjoy being who I am, and love myself as I am.

I nurture the child within me.

I feel secure in who I am, and do not need to compare myself to others.

All of the strengths I have ever had are present in me today. I still have the same positive character, even if not all of my strengths are shown right now. I have all of those strengths of character, and will use those strengths again.

I imagine and believe that all of these affirmations are true for me, right now in this moment, and enjoy the self-esteem relaxation I am experiencing.

I accept myself.

I care for myself.

I take time for myself, and enjoy it. I deserve time for myself, and I feel good about taking this time regularly.

I handle difficulties with grace.

I allow myself to experience and express emotions, both negative and positive.

I accept myself.

I am perfectly alright just the way I am.

I accept myself.

I am a valuable human being.

I accept myself.

I feel confident.

I accept myself.

I feel secure.

I accept myself.

I accept myself.

Think again about your peaceful place. Picture yourself enjoying this environment. Acknowledge the feelings you are experiencing after repeating the self-esteem relaxation affirmations. Accept any positive or negative feelings you are having. Allow yourself to feel calm and at peace.

Now it is time to leave your special place. Know that you can return here in your imagination any time to relax, feel calm and relaxed, and feel comfortable and safe. Take with you the feelings of acceptance of yourself, and belief in the self-esteem relaxation affirmations. Continue to feel positive and accepting of yourself. Hold onto this secure feeling of self-esteem as you return to your day.

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