During National Mental Health Awareness Week, CARE Counseling is partnering with Newport Healthcare to raise awareness about adolescent mental health by hosting a free virtual event on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Dr. Heidi Bausch Ryan, Psychologist and Clinical Director of Training at CARE Counseling, along with Ryan Federoff, M.Ed., Vice President of Education at Newport Healthcare, will speak on key signs of mental health concerns in high school students and how to talk with teens about seeking help. They will also provide helpful tools for supporting teens struggling with mental health.

Studies show anxiety and major depressive episodes are on the rise in teens. Reportedly, 6 out of 10 high school students will have a major depressive episode. Teaching parents and educators how to recognize the signs and help support students is crucial to deescalate depressive episodes. During the informational awareness session, Dr. Heidi and Ryan Federoff will also share how to connect teens with mental health services and explain the process of finding care, scheduling services and what the first few care sessions may entail.

All are welcome to attend! This informational event is designed for parents of high schoolers, high school counselors, high school administrators and high school teachers seeking ways to understand and support adolescent mental health and well-being.

high school students have an episode of major depressive disorder – Learn how to help at this event

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