Sports Psychology

What is sport psychology?

Sport psychology can help athletes achieve their optimal performance through cognitive and behavioral skills training, goal setting, attentional and concentration strategies, and more.

What techniques are used in sport psychology?

  • Imagery is a technique which involves visualizing performance of skills positively 
  • Motivation helps a client study both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for their performance
  • Positive internal dialogue can help enhance athlete performance
  • Attentional focus helps athletes tune out distractions and focus on their skill performance
  • If…then is a technique in which athletes imagine potential problems that may arise during their performance and find solutions that they can respond with to boost confidence

What are the benefits of sport psychology?

There are long term benefits to sport psychology. It is not only about improving performance, but also helps prevent mental health problems within athletes and teaches them skills that can transcend athletic environments to help them in their daily lives. Sport psychology can be more than just to help athletes when things are going badly – it can aid athletes in getting to their next level. Sport psychology can help train athletes’ brains to help them train their bodies in a more efficient and skill enhancing way to achieve optimal performance.

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