Self-CARE Challenge

We are so excited to announce a new January Initiative—30 Days of Self-CARE!

We will be partnering with local businesses and CARE Clinicians to bring you unique and helpful content each day. We hope that this will help you start 2021 in the healthiest way possible and help you to become the best version of yourself.

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One of my favorite ways to become the best version of myself is to take a holistic approach, considering eight dimensions of wellness (emotional, physical, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, vocational, and financial).

Self-Care tends to focus on the emotional and physical, although does not have to be limited to these areas. Routine care with a doctor for physical health and a therapist for emotional health can help with implementing healthy habits and creating a self-CARE plan. Breaking specific areas into three-month chunks and taking intentional steps (each month, week, and day) can be a great way to start creating healthy habits that incorporate self-care. At CARE Counseling, we will work with you to create a customized 3-month plan specific to your mental health needs and treatment goals.

For 2021, don’t forget to include the fun, spontaneous things to incorporate through the day when you need a little extra CARE.
After all, self-care activities are meant to be enjoyable.

What activities do you plan to add to your self-CARE plan this year?

Here are 21 of my Favorite Self-CARE Ideas to Get You Started

1. Start your day off with a favorite, nourishing breakfast
2. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle nearby
3. Enjoy a warm, relaxing bath or shower
4. Wear a favorite piece of clothing
5. Spend some time journaling
6. Call a friend
7. Create a visually pleasing environment
8. Take a refreshing walk or run
9. Listen to music and move your body
10. Invest in your professional development
11. Set a limit on social media use
12. Do meditation
13. Declutter your space
14. Share a belly laugh
15. Visit a family/ friend member
16. Be kind to yourself
17. Read a new book
18. Discover a hobby
19. Take deep, cleansing breaths
20. Treat yourself to something special
21. Use your PTO; take a mental health day!

Written By: Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC


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