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What is Prepare and Enrich?

Prepare and Enrich Facilitators work with dating, engaged, or married couples. They can help couples identify their relationship strengths, gain understanding about the underlying dynamics that influence their communication, and then can help couples develop skills to possibly improve their growth areas. It is important to note that this assessment can help to gain insight on relationship strengths and growth areas. While there is no guarantee that Prepare and Enrich will result in a more positive relationship between you and your partner, it can be helpful and beneficial to go over the results of the assessment and you could start to develop skills in both strengths and growth areas.

Prepare and Enrich aims to:

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Resolve conflicts using the Ten-Step Model
  • Develop a more balanced relationship using Couple and Family Maps
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork.

By receiving these services you acknowledge and assume the inherent risks and benefits associated with Prepare and Enrich and consent to receive these services at CARE Counseling.

Why use Prepare and Enrich?

Prepare and Enrich has shown to assist in the reduction of divorce by 30%. The outcomes of the assessment can help couples who are dating, getting married, or already married by strengthening existing skills and gaining knowledge and skills in growth areas to enrich overall relationship satisfaction.

Easy Process and Structured Feedback

The assessment you take is done online and is super user friendly. You will simply follow the instructions given to you via email to start the process of completing the assessment. You can even save your answers and return at a later day/time to finish completing the assessment. Each partner in the relationship with complete their assessment individually. The total time to finish the assessment can vary, and usually takes between 30-60 minutes. Upon completion, you will then meet with the therapist who administered your assessment to go over the results. This will be done over the course of a few sessions where you will not only be able to go over your results, but also be able to complete collaborative exercises in a structured format that is designed to strengthen your relationship and expand on and build skills.

Prepare and Enrich is Based in Research!

Prepare and Enrich is designed to help couples who are dating, engaged, or married.

Prepare and Enrich is based in a ton of great and ongoing research. It has over 1200 published articles supporting its effectiveness, which makes it one of the most researched assessment tools! This abundance of solid research is used to continually update and enhance the Prepare and Enrich assessments and resources so that couples can find effective ways to strengthen and enhance their relationships.

We all know that no two humans are exactly alike. We’re shaped by our genes, history, experiences, culture, beliefs, abilities, values, and so much more. This wonderful uniqueness is compounded when you view it from a relational lens. Prepare and Enrich helps honor and make sense of this uniqueness to help the therapist and couple navigate the dynamics and complexity of their relationship.

Who Could Benefit?

Dating Couples: The customized nature of Prepare and Enrich helps couples who are dating identify their strengths, growth opportunities, and potential blind spots.

Engaged Couples: We are sure you’ve seen this before: Couples often approach the premarital season of their relationship with rose-colored glasses, assuming everything will be fine because they are in love.  Prepare and Enrich helps couples see an unbiased, clearer picture so you can dive deep to work on the important subjects and learn skills to talk about some of the harder parts of life. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to talk about tough stuff before it happens? Prepare and Enrich has helped prepare millions of couples for marriage.

Married Couples: Keep the flame that initially ignited your relationship burning strong by finding opportunities to discover more about yourself and understand your relationship in new ways. Most relationships go through tough times, if not all. This process can help you gain insights into the why behind what is going on to bring healing and restoration to your relationship.


  • Exploring strength and growth areas
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Identifying and managing major stressors
  • Resolving conflicts by teaching and using the Ten-Step Model
  • Learning ways to have a more balanced relationship by being guided through Couple and Family Maps
  • Understanding personality differences and maximizing teamwork

Options and Pricing

Option 1: Prepare and Enrich Assessment & 4 feedback sessions $600

This is an out of pocket option. As this is a preventative care measure and therefore not deemed medically necessary, this is not billable to insurance

This Package Includes:

-Prepare and Enrich Assessment completed by both parties

-4 Feedback Sessions

-Core Exercises in the Couples Workbook

Option 2: Prepare and Enrich Assessment & 8 feedback sessions $1100

This is an out of pocket option. As this is a preventative care measure and therefore not deemed medically necessary, this is not billable to insurance

This Package Includes:

-Prepare and Enrich Assessment completed by both parties

-8 Feedback Sessions

-Core Exercises in the Couples Workbook and time to go over additional workbook exercises

Option 3: I am a CARE Counseling client and billing insurance.

I have had a diagnostic assessment completed and family/relational work has been deemed clinically and medically necessary; therefore, these sessions will be billed to my insurance. I agree to pay $70 for the Prepare and Enrich Assessment and understand that insurance will not cover this fee.

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