Unanticipated Loss | Sudden Death

At CARE Counseling we understand how your world is turned upside down by a traumatic death such as suicide. Our therapists will hold space for your sorrow and slowly help you face a life you never envisioned.

Unanticipated Grief

  • Unanticipated grief typically happens when a loss is unexpected such as an accident, or an illness such as a heart attack, suicide or murder. When someone experiences a traumatic loss they not only have to go through the emotions of grieving, but they also have to experience the aftermath of trauma as well

Traumatic loss can have various impacts on the survivors such as:

  • Shattered worldview and assumptions of the world
    • The world is unsafe and not predictable
    • Evil exists – there are evil people in the world
  • You have been abandoned by a higher power
  • You will be unable to cope with what has happened
  • Rumination
    • Were they afraid?
    • Did my loved one suffer?
    • Why did this happen?
    • What is the meaning, reason, or purpose of this?
  • Feelings of guilt, shame and blame
    • You believe you contributed to the death in some way
    • You may have had a difficult relationship and things were not resolved

If you or someone you care about needs professional help or support to process your feelings of loss and gain understanding around your experience of grief, reach out to the clinicians at CARE Counseling to support you in your steps toward healing.

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