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Dr. Andrea Hutchinson, LP, CEO at CARE Counseling

Dr. Andrea Hutchinson’s drive to improve mental health providers’ lives has quickly established her as a leader in the mental health community. Dr. Hutchinson’s practice, Care Counseling, fights for therapists by providing support and training necessary to say things like CARE has 7x less clinician turnover than the national average.

Women Who Move Minnesota

Dr. Hutchinson is committed to providing the best possible outpatient psychotherapy and is running one of the only mid-sized mental health organizations in Minnesota that is exclusively delivering one hour talk therapy. She believes that’s complicated enough and is unwilling to accept average psychotherapy practice management. This is why Care Counseling continues to innovate and attract, train, & retain the best possible talent…and it’s working. In community mental health centers, there tends to be a strong sense of purpose leading to healthy corporate cultures and strong mission statements. However, this is often at the expense of salary and flexibility. Conversely, private practices promise higher incomes and flexibility, but often leave a sense of isolation. CARE Counseling’s founding team saw an opportunity to combine the positive attributes of the above dichotomy and provide an environment that embraced community, values, and a high standard of living. These values were at the core of leading CARE’s mission statement: build a community to strengthen the community. CARE Counseling continues to work towards these attributes, and prides itself on the ability to work with diverse clients even if they don’t have commercial insurance. Dr. Hutchinson is dedicated to providing a great professional experience for her clinicians so that in turn, the clinicians will provide a high-level standard of care to the Twin Cities community that is inherently sustainable.


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