Clinician Perspective: What Makes CARE Counseling Different

As someone who has previously worked in a corporate business setting, the non-profit world, and a community mental health clinic, I have been exposed to a variety of work cultures. I have seen how the work culture directly impacts mental health, for better and for worse.

From a clinician’s perspective, there are three areas that I feel make CARE different.

1. Emphasis on hiring, training, and retaining exceptional staff

The staff at CARE are exceptional! CARE has an awesome team of specialists who are managing hiring, administration, clinical systems, training and onboarding to ensure high quality and consistency for new hires. CARE’s processes are carefully thought out, well-documented, and accessible. They are also continually being updated as systems change. If you are looking for a top-notch internship or pre-licensed training experience this is the place to be! CARE has a multi-disciplinary team of board-approved supervisors and a large team of licensed professionals who are well-trained in a variety of specialized clinical areas. Retention rates at CARE are much higher than the average in mental health [insert stats]. This directly impacts our clients, especially those who may benefit from longer-term therapeutic support.

2. Work Hard/ Play Hard

At CARE, staff work hard and are well-compensated for their hard work. It is pleasing to come to a physical space that is beautiful (rather than being in a cubicle or plain four walls). Offices are unique, well-furnished, and inviting. Clinicians work hard to meet expectations and manage their schedules, with the incentive for flexibility. In addition to accountability and transparency, CARE values play. From spontaneous incentives to work hard, fun surprises during unexpected times, and planned events, we like to have fun at CARE.

3. Focus on building a community

Thoughtfulness is clearly demonstrated in all the ways CARE Counseling shows that they truly care for their team as well as the surrounding community. CARE Counseling has been a proud sponsor of so many events, including most recently [insert]. CARE More [insert info] is another initiative led by CARE to help support [insert info].

Mental health work can be challenging and take an emotional toll. At CARE, staff are not working in isolation but are supported by a larger community. We have each other to lean on during times of increased stress, to “fill each other’s buckets” and have support within supervision and consultation groups. The focus on community directly ties into CARE’s vision: Build a Community to Strengthen the Community.

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Written By: Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC

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