CARE Counseling of Minnesota announces the hiring of Trevor Mulvey to the newly-created role of Director of Finance. After nearly ten years of operating CARE, co-founders Dr. Andrea Hutchinson and John Hutchinson, MBA, understood their growth plans necessitated the creation of a new position: Director of Finance.

“We knew it was time. Our growth plans mean I can only take the CARE financial piece so far while also handling business development and office management. In order to be true to our mission of building a community to strengthen the community, we needed a dedicated person to take CARE to the next level in terms of our financial vision. That person is Trevor Mulvey,” John Hutchinson stated.

With CARE scheduling over 1,500 counseling appointments each week and facilitating nearly thirty different clinician trainings each year, the need to grow was everpresent. A Director of Finance role was key to continuing to deliver award-winning counseling services based on a model that cares for clinicians who care for the community.

When Trevor Mulvey was approached about the new role of Director of Finance, it was an easy “yes.” “This is my dream position. I never thought I’d be in this seat right now doing what I love. Not only do I love numbers and overseeing the planning, development, and implementation of CARE’s financial activities, but I get to work with incredible people,” Mulvey noted.

Mulvey started his career with Cargill and came to CARE from Ecolab in Saint Paul, Minnesota where he was in charge of the global financial planning and analysis of one of their multi-million dollar clients. “Working with finances is more than just presenting numbers…you need someone who can make sense of where an organization is and where the possibilities are in terms of their financial landscape.” Part of Mulvey’s mission with CARE will be to guide business decisions with a thoughtful growth mindset.

“There is a common misunderstanding about those of us in finance which is that we only care about numbers. Numbers are just marks on a page until you can shape them into a meaningful, actionable story others can care about. I tell stories with numbers,” Mulvey said, “and when a story is understood, the numbers have new meaning.” Part of the story he will continue to build upon is CARE’s unique approach among counseling models to actively invest in their employees.

Mulvey is positioned to ensure CARE employees are compensated higher than market rates, their physical workspace is modern and welcoming, there is flexibility for remote work, benefits packages are excellent and training is ongoing and of the highest caliber.

“CARE Counseling is truly impacting our communities for good. I am honored to be the new Director of Finance. My work at CARE is more than simply a job–it fulfills the words my father always said to me, ‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.’ ”


CARE operates out of four locations in the Twin Cities and virtually serves the entire state of Minnesota. They sta nearly 100 highly-trained counselors, serving the mental health needs of the community with hour-long therapy sessions. Learn more about CARE and the services they provide: 612-223-8898.

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