During the recent cold, snowy days in Minnesota, CARE Counseling’s staff handed out new, free gloves to students walking outside on the campuses of the University of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota.

While visiting college campuses for continuing education, CARE staff noted a trend emerging: the majority of students were not wearing weather-appropriate gear. Inspired by their mission, the CARE team took action.

CARE Counseling’s rallying cry is:, “”Building a Community to Support the Community.” Since CARE has been noting a trend in new patients skewing younger than in decade’s past, their counselors are gathering data and finding this particular demographic is under unique and relentless societal pressures. 

While offering gloves is a practical gesture for cold hands, it also serves as a symbolic way to share resources available to teens and young adults. 

“We want students to thrive in today’s unique circumstances and normalize asking for help,”  says Elliot Borgstahl, CARE Counseling’s Associate Director of Brand Awareness. 

Gloves were created with CARE’s notable tagline, “Because, Adulting is hard,” and passed out along with a resource card for mental health services. The hope is that the gloves serve as a reminder for students entering their “adulting” stage to take care of their mental health.

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Currently, CARE Counseling supports the community with one-hour talk therapy for all Minnesotans. They believe therapy should be accessible for all which is why they accept all major Minnesota insurance brands and strive for same-week availability to see a clinician.

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