Benefits of Working with a Practicum Student or Pre-Licensed Clinician

Sometimes clients are hesitant to work with a newer therapist. They may not see credentials after a name and may dismiss the possibility of seeing a particular therapist. It is like a hidden gem. You may not realize how valuable working with a therapist who is in training and/ or working under licensure can be until you experience it yourself and discover its worth.

Some of the best benefits include the following:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • No waitlist (or shorter waitlist)
  • Up to date on the latest research, theories, and approaches
  • Access to supervision (It’s like getting 2 therapists for the price of 1!)
  • Fresh perspective and connections (e.g., younger clients, students, adult children)

Here is a brief overview of the backgrounds for clinical trainees and pre-independent licensed therapists (PILTS) which can help ease concerns as they have similar foundations of training as licensed therapists but are just at an earlier stage of their journey as therapists.

What is a Clinical Trainee?

A practicum student at CARE is also known as a clinical trainee.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field and enrollment in a master’s program.

Practicum students are provided opportunities to observe, learn, and apply theory and knowledge learned in graduate school. They are working under the supervision of a licensed therapist and often have access to additional learning opportunities through their university and job placement.

They are full of energy, eager to learn, and excited to meet you!

What is a Pre-Licensed Therapist?

A Pre-independently Licensed Therapist (PILT) at CARE is also working under the supervision of a licensed therapist while they are meeting the requirements of supervised practice. This is often a two-year process. During the pre-licensure process, therapists are passing their national license exams in their respective fields such as marriage and family therapy, clinical counseling, social work, and psychology. You may see credentials such as MA or MS to indicate their master’s degree or Ph.D. or PsyD to indicate their doctoral degree.

Pre-licensed therapists have completed their practicum experience(s) and may have additional mental-health-related experiences that help inform their work with clients.

At CARE Counseling, our staff is highly trained, and we are selective in bringing on therapists at all training levels who align with CARE’s core values and demonstrate the interpersonal skills to best serve our clients. CARE therapists are compassionate and empathetic. They are hard-working, motivated team players who are eager to learn and open to feedback. This is especially true for practicum students and pre-licensed clinicians.

Would you consider joining a newer therapist on your journey?

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Written By : Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC

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