Adjusting to LIfe as a Youth with T1D

Have you recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)? This can feel overwhelming as your life is adjusting to a new “normal”. Here are some things that can be helpful to look out for as you adjust to life with a diagnosis of T1D!

  • Changes with my friends. Sometimes it feels like being diagnosed with T1D makes you “different”. This is not true! Your diagnosis is not who you are, and it does not have to change the friends you have. Don’t isolate yourself from others in fear of rejection!
  • Bullying. Are people making fun of you because of your T1D diagnosis? Tell a trusted adult who can help you navigate this difficult situation.
  • How to talk about the diagnosis. It can be confusing and scary for you to be diagnosed, and your friends might have questions about what it means! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. Take the time to let them know what T1D is, answer questions you know, and let them know you are still learning about it and may not have all the answers!
  • Family balance. It can be hard to adjust to life at home without added medical concerns. Make sure you know it is okay to be assertive and advocate for your independence even though you have been diagnosed with T1D. Have open communication and ask questions when you need to – it is always okay to ask for help!
  • Eating and checking after diagnosis. Eating is so important to help us balance our lives and health! With a diagnosis of T1D, you also have to check blood sugar levels. If you find you are eating and checking to extremes! Are you unable to do things in your schedule because you are checking your levels so constantly? Are you having trouble with eating enough or too much? Ask a trusted parent or medical provider for help! Here are a couple articles about depression (LINK) and anxiety (LINK) that could be helpful.

Do you feel like you are struggling to adjust to life after your diagnosis with T1D? As stated several times in this article – it is okay to ask for help! Outpatient therapy can be a great option to help navigate the ups and downs of having a chronic medical condition, develop coping skills, and help with fostering healthy relationships in your life!

Check out the services offered at these highly accessible locations:

CARE Counseling – focused on 1-hour weekly sessions for low acuity; CARE now offers Telehealth, which is very convenient for lunch breaks and busy schedules!
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The Juvenile DIabetes Research Foundation
This foundation has great resources and blog articles to help with navigating the ins and outs of a T1D diagnosis!

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