Washburn Center for Children

Working in mental health provides a lot of opportunities to partner with great organizations…when we heard about Washburn Center for Children we knew something special was happening.

Washburn’s History

Washburn Center for Children started as the Washburn Memorial Orphan Asylum in 1883 after the co-founder of a milling company’s mill exploded and left several children orphaned. After the orphanage closed the Washburn Foster Home Placement Agency provided services for children going into foster care. The agency continued to evolve according to the needs of the community and established the Washburn Memorial Clinic to provide diagnostic services for children with behavioral problems. Eventually the clinic changed it’s name to the Washburn Center for Children.Although the name and services have changed throughout the years the focus of this center has remained the same which is focused on providing compassionate, inclusive hope to children without question.

About Washburn

Washburn’s mission is to nuture every child’s family’s well-being and full potential through transformative children’s mental health care. Washburn believes that a child’s mental health is equally as important as one’s physical health as they lead the state in therapeutic services designed specifically for children. Washburn works with children ages birth to 18 and their therapists are focused on helping children develop skills to be successful.