Process Groups

Process groups offer a chance for individuals at varying stages of their grief journey to join with others, learn, gain and offer support, and heal.

Grief Skills and Support Group for Young Adults

This group is comprised individuals in their late teens to late-twenties who have experienced sudden loss of a loved one or friend. The group format offers individuals at varying stages of grief the opportunity for support and the chance to gain new strategies for navigating their grief journey. Those who are doing well may find new ways to heal, and those who are in the beginning stages of their grief journey may gain reassurance and hope from members who have been working through their grief for longer. Grieving can be a lonely journey especially as a young adult and having others who share similar loss may give you hope and promote healing.

Spousal Loss (Widow/widower group)

This group is for individuals who have lost a spouse either through an anticipated death or sudden death. If needed the group may be divided into those who have been left as single parents and those who do not have children or have adult children. It is designed to help the widow/widower process their loss with others who share their experience. The group will be skills and support oriented, providing education on things such as, physical symptoms of grief, how to re-engage with friends without being the third wheel,  loneliness and maintaining the bond, and resources in the community (navigating wills and trusts, social security, single parenting and much more).

Perinatal Loss

This group is for individuals or couples who have experienced a loss such as, a stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion or neonatal death. The group will be an educational and support group that will provide psycho-education on honoring your loss and processing your emotions and feelings in a supportive community, strengthening your relationship with your partner, communicating with friends an family about your loss, envisioning a future.

Ambiguous Loss

Struggling with loss that isn’t easily identified or acknowledged can be profoundly isolating. This group is designed to build community within this group of individuals to support healing and the belief that they are not alone. The groups will focus on understanding ambiguous loss, recreating meaning, normalizing competing emotions, and exploring closure.


Divorce and separation can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences and losses in life. Divorce can trigger painful feelings and insecurities such as disappointment, stress, grief, shame, guilt, worthlessness, and alter hopes and dreams of a shared future. The focus of this group is to help individuals support others and find support themselves as they navigate new routines and responsibilities, heal interpersonal distress, explore a newly realized future.

If you or someone you care about needs professional help or support to process your feelings of loss and gain understanding around your experience of grief, reach out to the clinicians at CARE Counseling to support you in your steps toward healing.