Working With Seniors

At CARE’s Center for Grief Hope and Healing we work with with all ages of people experiencing grief and loss.

Seniors require an understanding of the unique issues they may be experiencing around losses. Find out how we address their needs below.

End of Life decision making

End of life decision making often is done by health care providers, patients, and patient’s families when considering treatment that will or will not be used toward the end of life.

Therapists are able to work with clients and their family members as they consider these important and sensitive decisions.

The Process of Dying

The process of dying can be difficult, but our clinicians are trained in helping clients understand and process their emotions and integrate loved ones in the process as needed.


Our therapists are sensitive to clients spiritual beliefs and practices and will openly explore spirituality with clients and incorporate it in the work they are doing together.

Intimacy After Grief

After a loved one passes away, the individual whose partner passed may eventually be interested in dating or finding companionship again. It is important that this individual feel loved and supported during this time and not to feel guilt for wanting to find love again. When an individual is ready to start looking again some important questions to ask oneself is where to meet people and what will their children think if they have any.