CARE Counseling Announced as one of the 2023 Fastest Growing Behavioral-Mental Health

Here Are 2023’s Fastest-Growing Behavioral Health Companies

Mental health care and autism services providers made up the bulk of an expanded number of behavioral health companies on the latest Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies.

Twenty-two of the 36 behavioral health companies identified on the list this year were either telehealth companies or were founded as outpatient mental health practices.

The list also included five autism therapy providers. Despite the fact that percentage revenue growth numbers tend to be the purview of smaller, newer and growing companies, many of the autism therapy providers are large incumbents.

To that point, CareBridge, a recently founded intellectual and developmental technology and telehealth company, topped the entire Inc. 5000 list. The company turned heads with its $140 million funding round in June 2022, which included several marquee investors and health plans.

Last year, BHB tracked 23 behavioral health companies on the Inc. 5000, making the number of 2023 entrants a 56% increase.

The business publication Inc. ranks U.S.-based private companies by revenue growth percentages from 2019 to 2022 for companies founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2019. The minimum revenue required for 2019 is $100,000; the minimum for 2022 is $2 million, according to the Inc. 5000 website.

Here’s the list of the behavioral health operators, where they are based, their rank, revenue growth percentage and their description on the list. Find the full list here.

CareBridge — Nashville, Tennessee

— Rank: 1

— Growth: 157,144%

— CareBridge provides software and telehealth services that enable those with disabilities to remain independent.

TimelyCare — Fort Worth, Texas

— Rank: 175

— Growth: 3,015%

— TimelyCare offers telehealth medical and mental health services to college students.

SonderMind — Denver, Colorado

— Rank: 243

— Growth: 2,289%

— SonderMind is a telemental health provider specializing in AI-backed assessments and therapist matching.

MySpectrum Counseling & Coaching — North Chesterfield, Virginia

— Rank: 244

— Growth: 2,285%

— MySpectrum Counseling & Coaching offers outpatient mental health services for couples, families and individuals.

Care Solace — Cardiff by the Sea, California

— Rank: 255

— Growth: 2,194%

— Care Solace provides digital coordination and connections to mental health services.

Rising Hope Counseling — Pierre, South Dakota

— Rank: 530

— Growth: 1,111%

— Rising Hope Counseling offers outpatient mental health services, specifically counseling and psychiatric services.

Tree of Life Counseling Center — Freehold, New Jersey

— Rank: 568

— Growth: 1,030%

— An outpatient mental health company, Tree of Life Counseling Center also offers wellness services for children, teens, adults and families.

California Recovery Center — Roseville, California

— Rank: 577

— Growth: 1,019%

— Based in Northern California, California Recovery Center provides alcohol and drug treatment.

Makin Wellness — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

— Rank: 696

— Growth: 851%

— Makin Wellness offers safe online therapy and counseling services.

Greater Guide — Dallas, Texas

— Rank: 764

— Growth: 775%

— Greater Guide is an online service that helps people find mental health professionals who will connect them to emotional support animals.

KIDS Individual Development Services — Corvallis, Oregon

— Rank: 810

— Growth: 729%

— KIDS Individual Development Services supports children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Oregon through caregiving and direct support services.

Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions — Indianapolis, Indiana

— Rank: 1,230

— Growth: 478%

— Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions, a play-based ABA therapy provider, focuses on healthy development in care in various environments.

Ellie Mental Health — Mendota Heights, Minnesota

— Rank: 1,309

— Growth: 445%

— Mental health Ellie Mental Health franchises mental health clinics to make outpatient mental health care more accessible for clinicians and patients.

CARE CLINIC — St. Louis Park, Minnesota

— Rank: 1,323

— Growth: 440%

— Minnesota-based CARE CLINIC is an outpatient mental health clinic training, community and clinician support.

Behavior Nation — Danville, California

— Rank: 1,329

— Growth: 438%

— Behavior Nation provides mental health services to those with autism diagnoses and other developmental disabilities.

Peak Behavioral Health — Norman, Oklahoma

— Rank: 1,606

— Growth: 352%

— Peak Behavioral Health is a pediatric therapy company offering care for children and families.

Behavioral Framework — Rockville, Maryland

— Rank: 1,689

— Growth: 331%

— Behavioral Framework provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.

Post Acute Recovery — White Plain, New York

— Rank: 1,722

— Growth: 324%

— Post Acute Recovery focuses on affordable mental health and addiction treatment services.

Behavioral Innovations — Addison, Texas

— Rank: 1,747

— Growth: 320%

— Behavioral Innovations is an evidence-based provider of ABA services.

Psychology Specialists of Maine — Brunswick, Maine

— Rank: 2,099

— Growth: 267%

— Psychology Specialists of Maine offers outpatient mental health care via doctoral-level psychologists to individual adults, couples and groups.

evolvedMD — Scottsdale, Arizona

— Rank: 2,168

— Growth: 258%

— Specialized in integrating behavioral health and primary care, evolvedMD offers on-location behavioral health care.

CuraLinc — Chicago, Illinois

— Rank: 2,216

— Growth: 250%

— Business-to-business mental health provider CuraLinc uses technology and personalized advocacy to drive employee engagement with services.

The Stepping Stones Group — Boston, Massachusetts

— Rank: 2,250

— Growth: 246%

— The Stepping Stones Group is an autism therapy provider that provides care to children with other intellectual and developmental disorders.

Cityscape Counseling — Chicago, Illinois

— Rank: 2,272

— Growth: 242%

— Cityscape Counseling caters to over 1,500 clients weekly with office-based and telehealth outpatient mental health services.

Ally Pediatric Therapy — Chandler, Arizona

— Rank: 2,352

— Growth: 235%

— Ally Pediatric Therapy provides speech and behavioral therapy to children with autism.

Clarity Counseling Center — Wilmington, North Carolina

— Rank: 2,473

— Growth: 221%

— Clarity Counseling Center provides award-winning group counseling.

Mindoula Health — Silver Spring, Maryland

— Rank: 2,949

— Growth: 178%

— Mindoula Health finds and cares for complex behavioral health patients and their medical and social issues within a given population.

Cornerstone Christian Counseling — Lakewood, Colorado

— Rank: 3,286

— Growth: 155%

— Cornerstone Christian Counseling offers faith-based counseling online and in person.

Wellpsyche — Los Angeles, California

— Rank: 3,540

— Growth: 139%

— Wellpsyche provides psychiatry and therapy services for children, adolescents and adults via telehealth.

Maverick Psychotherapy Group — Woodstock, New York

— Rank: 3,596

— Growth: 136%

— A psychotherapy practice serving nearly a thousand clients, Maverick Psychotherapy Group is introducing a psychedelic-assisted therapy program.

Ivy Rehab Network — White Plains, New York

— Rank: 3,640

— Growth: 133%

— Ivy Rehab Network provides a network of physical, occupational, speech and ABA therapies in clinics.

SMILE Therapy Services — Washington D.C.

— Rank: 3,711

— Growth: 130%

— SMILE Therapy Services offers mental health and wellness services in the workplace.

Chenal Family Therapy PLC — Little Rock, Arkansas

— Rank: 3,847

— Growth: 122%

— Chenal Family Therapy offers multidisciplinary outpatient mental health.

DotCom Therapy — Madison, Wisconsin

— Rank: 4,227

— Growth: 105%

— DotCom Therapy cares for children and adolescents with mental health and developmental challenges via personalized virtual mental health services.

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants P.A. — Overland Park, Kansas

— Rank: 4,682

— Growth: 86%

— Integrated Psychiatric Consultants integrates in-person and telehealth services to deliver psychiatric evaluations, therapy and medication management services.

CapitolHill Consortium for Counseling — Washington D.C.

— Rank: 4,831

— Growth: 80%

— CapitolHill Consortium for Counseling is a multicultural and multidisciplinary mental-health outpatient mental-health provider focused on group therapy.

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