Care for Myself

Reaching out for help is hard, especially when you’re reaching out to get help for such a vulnerable thing like mental health. Maybe you’ve never come to therapy, or maybe you’ve been to therapy a number of times, if you find yourself struggling with any of the following, it is time to reach out to us at CARE Counseling and we will find the right therapist for you.

How can I get the most out of therapy?

Therapy only works if you keep doing it. You have to actively participate, show vulnerability, and know that a therapist’s job is to help you find an answer, not give you one.

Beyond that, it is important that you discuss how to continue therapeutic growth with your counselor and tell them when things don’t feel like they are working.  For example, we can show you 100 methods to calm down when you are anxious…only 1 has to work.

The magic really starts to happen after you get past treatment planning (third appointment).

Therapists who are here for you

CARE’s Providers are In-Network with a variety of providers including:

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Additionally, Out of Network & Out of Pocket options are available.