CARE Counseling makes the following benefits, among others, available to eligible employees: medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, Paid Time Off, Group Basic Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and a 401(k) plan. See below for a broader overview of the benefits.

Paid Time Off

Here at CARE, we understand sometimes you need a break, whether that be on a beach somewhere far away or just taking a couple days for yourself to relax and binge every episode of a television series in bed. We want you to recharge and this is why all Full-Time employees of CARE accrue paid time off.

PTO may be used for vacations, illness, bereavement leave, personal time, or other reasons. Employees begin to accrue PTO at the start of their employment that will equal 4 weeks including paid holidays a year (10 holidays; 2 weeks of additional PTO).

AND: Great News, the longer you are here the more PTO you get.

0-1 years = 4 weeks including holidays

1-2 years = 5 weeks including holidays

2-4 years = 6 weeks including holidays

5+ years = 7 weeks including holidays

CARE also allows for 3 weeks of carry over PTO each year.

Parenting Leave

CARE offers 3 weeks of PTO for Parenting Leave in addition to the accrued PTO (4 weeks PTO plus option to carry over 3 weeks of PTO).  Additionally, CARE fully covers Short-Term Disability (with no waiting period) which offers an additional 6-8 weeks.

So in effect, if an employee has a baby Sept 1st, they can essentially get up to 19 1/2 weeks off of paid leave (e.g., 3 weeks carry over PTO, 4 weeks accrued PTO, 3 weeks Parenting Leave PTO, 6 Holidays, and up to 8 weeks short term disability); this is an estimate that is determined by multiple factors.

CARE also allows for additional unpaid time off and options to change your workload requirements.

Paw-ternity leave

1 day off when you adopt an animal

Medical | Dental | Vision

The health and welfare plan includes medical, dental, vision, life, disability and prescription drug coverage from major national carriers (for both employee and family). Wherever possible, we try to offer a choice of plan designs. Full-time employees become eligible for company sponsored benefits on the first day of the calendar month following 30 days of employment.  Additionally, CARE covers 100% the dental and vision benefits portions for employees.

Health Savings Accounts

Employees enrolled in a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan (HDHP) may establish a pre-tax savings account for health care related expenses. We offer HDHP so everyone on our insurance gets the CARE contribution of $1k annually.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Account options include a separate Dependent Care Reimbursement and a Medical Reimbursement Account. These are offered as ways to save on health and day-care expenses when you set aside pre-tax dollars for certain dependent care and medical expenses. As you pay eligible expenses, you are reimbursed from your FSA – tax free!

Short Term and Long Term Disability

CARE covers 100% of the Short Term and Long Term Disability premiums for employees. Additionally, there is no waiting period for employees to utilize this benefit.

Retirement Plan/Profit Sharing

Eligible employees are able to participate in CARE Clinics, LLC DBA. CARE Counseling’s retirement plan. Participants may make pre-tax contributions to a retirement account. CARE Counseling provides a 3% 401K contribution with a 0.5% match and also has the ability to allocate additional contributions as part of a year end profit sharing plan.

Employee Referral Program

We know that our employees are the best resource in helping us grow. If we hire a candidate referred by you, you will be eligible for a $1,000 raise.

Supervision (Individual and Group)

Our Pre-Independently Licensed Clinicians (PILTS) and Post-Doctoral Fellows receive one hour of individual and one hour of group supervision free of cost. We offer back-up coverage if your supervisor is out of the office so that you don’t miss a week of supervision. All of our group consultation groups have a board approved supervisor present, so these hours also count for licensure hours. Additionally, PILTS receive an hour of PILT training each week which equals six days of CEUs over a year.

All clinical staff participate in group consultation weekly and the wealth of knowledge and compassion in our groups is incredible.

Quarterly Bonuses

Clinicians receive extra money for meeting quota for a quarter (100%) or exceeding quota. Bonuses are paid 45-60 days after the close of the quarter.

Employee Gifting

CARE loves to recognize the hard work our team does. So you can expect thoughtful gifts and awesome swag throughout your time at CARE above and beyond a competitive salary and bonuses.


Free continuing education activities for all team members: 40+ CE hours within two years. Offered as in-house live trainings by experts in the field.

Loan Forgiveness

If approved by the Department of Health, the employee would have ~$9k forgiven annually for 4 years for a total of ~$37k (double that for doctoral level employee).  Additional detail below.

Licensing RequirementsFully licensed and practicing since March of the next year. LADC, LP, LPCC, LMFT, LICSW. Needs to continue operating under the same license.

4 year contract: Payback is required if you don’t complete 3 years. Pay back everything if less than 3 years and the 4thyear if they work 3+ years but not 4 years.

Timing: Starts in March (practicing independently by March 1st 2022)

Amounts: $9,300 annually, $18,000 annually – $37,200/$72,000

Requirements for Clients: 25% on Medical Assistance (Medicaid), 35 hours for 45 weeks annually that are direct client.

Two paid CEU days

Accrued annually for licensed staff. Use these to invest in your growth as a clinician and gain more experience in various specialties.

License renewal fees

$250 reimbursed annually for license renewal fees.