Considering Private Practice vs. CARE Counseling

Many therapists are lured in and aspire to open their own private practice one day. However, we’ve found that many aren’t fully aware of the hidden costs and work that goes on behind the scenes. Private Practice simply takes more time and money.

To assist with this illusion we thought it would be helpful to answer one of the most common questions we get asked during interviews, “What does CARE do for me as the clinician?” Our whole focus at CARE is helping you be really efficient at work so you can focus on seeing clients.

CARE spends 73% more than wages on benefits, taxes, and supporting clinical services

There are 23k in fixed expenses annually + 25% in hidden costs including taxes associated with a private practice. This also results in 52% more time per session as the clinician.

How much time do you actually spend on each client session?

All of the “behind the scenes” work takes time. We’ve averaged out the time for every attended session via Telehealth. 

Things CARE Counseling does for our clinicians


    CARE Spends a minimum of 15 minutes for every session

    • Client Calls + Scheduling
    • Determining Client Appropriateness
    • Send New Client Paperwork
    • Handles incoming ROI’s
    • Faxing
    • DA Update Reminders
    • Take Notes During Team Meetings
    • Upload Client Documents to Portal
    • And so much more…
  • Insurance + Billing

    At CARE you don’t feel the impact of uncollected balances. The avg. private practice has 25% in uncollected billable hours. 

  • HR

    1099 Employees have no rights or protections (…life is unexpected)

    • Paperwork Training
    • Compliance Support
      • CARE monitors local and federal ethics and laws
      • DHS rules
      • Insurance panel regulations
    • CARE provides  support if there is legal action/involvement
    • Take care of and manage insurance audits

    We keep your License Safe + Your Clients Happy

    • Maintain Compliance with Local + State Business Laws
    • Business Licenses + Liability Insurance
    • Ensure HIPAA and GLB compliance
    • Manage EHR (Electronic Records System) + Compliance
    • Credentialing Process
    • Provide Professionally Designed Offices
    • Maintain Facilities
    • Manage + Contribute to Benefits

    Don’t worry about Licensure and Compliance

    • Weekly Supervision (at no additional cost)
    • Bi-Weekly CE Approved Grand Rounds Training
      • Over 20 CEs in house for FREE annually
    • (FREE Therapeutic Video Interventions)
    • Weekly Case Consultation
    • PILT Training (equivalent to 6.5 days of CEUs)
    • Eligible for licensure requirements in 2 years at CARE
  • CARE Culture

    Love Where you Work + Who you Work With

    • BIPOC Support Group
    • Team Events
    • Monthly Gifts
    • Birthday Presents
    • Quirky Entertainment
      • Meme Mondays
      • Surprise Taco Tuesdays or Pizza Party Fridays

    Food for thought : If getting clients is “easy” why are all private practices taking clients… 

    • Client Networking + Outreach (Did you know the average client costs $150 or 1-2 hours of outreach to find. If someone is going to see 28 clients weekly with normal turnover they would need to generate 100-125 client intakes annually due to high no-show rates, poor fit, etc. – CARE handles this for their clinicians)
    • Branding + Collateral
    • Maintain GMB
    • Social Media Content + Coordinating Branded Graphics
      • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest + LinkedIn
    • SEO
    • Blogging
    • Press Releases

    For an Average Independent Clinician these Benefits total around $48k/year

    • 6 weeks of PTO
    • Medical | Dental | Vision
    • 401k
    • Profit sharing (This year CARE contributed 4% of employees salaries as a bonus to their everyone’s 401ks)
    • 1k Automatic HSA contribution
    • Parental Leave
    • CARE pays for licensure renewal
    • CEU days
    • CARE pays MNCare tax
    • You don’t pay self-employment tax (30.6%)
    • and more… to learn about all the details click here

Interested in experiencing the care difference?

CARE is committed to finding, training and retaining the most talented mental health professionals in the field. We are focused on creating innovative processes to create more efficient clinical work and are constantly developing new training programs to ensure our clinicians are prepared to do the best work possible for our clients and partners. Our team is awesome.

Never in my history of working in the field of mental health have I been more cared for and supported than I have been while working at CARE Counseling. CARE truly demonstrates their values of transparency, excellence, accountability & work hard play hard in all they do.

I have been working at CARE Counseling since April 2021, and have been excited to see CARE’s growth since then. Since starting at CARE, I’ve noticed growth in my own ability to be genuine and present with clients because of CARE’s dedication to the health of our clients and the health of the providers. As CARE Counseling continues to grow, I am excited to see the positive impact on our community and hopefully decreasing stigma around seeking mental health services!

I love working here. The administrative and clinical staff are incredible at what they do and the clients I’ve interacted with have been wonderful. The leadership team also does their best to hold true to CARE’s values and it makes me feel like a valued team member.

I have worked for this company for approximately 6 months and I cannot state how much I enjoy working here. The leaders of the company care so much about clinicians and make every effort to accommodate the needs of their employees. I have had the opportunity to work from the office and switched to working from home doing telehealth for my own personal mental health and they were more than open and encouraging in my decision. They also take the time to work with individuals and client’s within the community and give back so much.

CARE is and has been one of the best places I’ve worked. The staff and clients are incredible. CARE’s leadership team are supportive, engaged, and actively listen. CARE provide great pay, benefits, training, and incentives. I enjoy being able to chat with co-workers to decompress and get to know them. CARE take COVID seriously and have a great policy in place to protect the staff and clients. I have a wonderful space to work out of and have been given options to work at home full-time, part time at home and in the office, or fully in office. I greatly appreciate leadership’s willingness to hear suggestions and their transparency with the on-going changes at CARE Counseling.